Tuesday, February 06, 2007

Hello... My Name Is Crazy

I'm trying to stop whining about how cold I am all the time. I know that other people have it far, far colder.
(Like poor Jen and MéLisa! I shivered just reading these...)

And I'm tired of griping about this horribleness that has settled into my sinuses, and shows no sign of going anywhere. I'm not the only girl with the plague, I know that.
(although, it's really difficult to stick to my "quit whining" resolution when the horribleness has settled right on top of my gums, and is giving me a toothache of epic proportions...)

And I've not really talked about how sick the little Scheckster has been lately. There are a lot of sick lil 'uns about, so it's not really worthy of reporting. He headed back to school today, box of Kleenex in this little backpack... He looked kind of small, and definitely snuffly.

However, all these things - even if I'm not really talking about them - have melded together with the bazillionth overcast day in a row and are responsible for a little touch of Seasonal Affective Disorder.


I'm trying to beat it.

I'm in a weird sort of way today. More so than usual, even.

This has been building for a bit.
Seems like I've got all these things that I want/need to do, and I keep adding to the list - without ever getting anything knocked off. And, combined with all the stuff from the blathering above - I just find myself slightly off kilter. Not myself.

This morning, for example, I decided to stop and get breakfast out.
(Nothing like self medicating with carbs in the form of a delicious bagel...)

When the bagel guy asked for my name, I replied with a straight face "Buffy".

I have no idea where that came from. I'm not really the "give a fake name" type.
I must be delirious....

Back at home, I decided that today called for Pretty in Pink - the soundtrack has been playing all morning. I'm enjoying it, but it's not having the desired effect, somehow. Which is unusual, it's typically a sure-fire cure-all...

I keep eyeing the tiara - maybe that will restore order to the universe??? But I don't want...

Wait - stop the presses. As I was typing, I was interrupted by the doorbell. (sigh.)

The mailman. (hmmm.)

With a package. (hmmmm?)

For me. (yipee!)

OK - I'm not quite sure where I was going with the above train of thought, I'm sure it was just going to be documenting more weirdness. Let's interrupt that, because this is totally better...

Valentine's Pouch

How timely was this??? A fantastically thoughtful and adorable pouch from Beki! And she threw in some conversation hearts, too! This may just be what the doctor would have ordered...

I'm smiling.

Beki, thank you so much for the much appreciated lift today. I hope you get some idea of how much joy this brought me...
(and I suspect that all the other readers of BFC are thanking you, too.
Because whereas you didn't make the weirdness stop; you got me to stop writing about it!)



Kelli said...

Buffy! Love it. And bagels in the morning always make me feel better. I'm sorry you are in a rut. As for the sinuses thing -- I use a warm salt water rinse and that usually helps me feel better pronto.
Then again, carbs help too!

beki said...

I'm so happy that I could bring a little sunshine into your world! Did you notice that I put the points value on the candy?

Renee said...

Ooh, I heard about these from Beki, and they are so cute. Let me go now so I can hit her up to make me one . . .

Sarah and Jack said...

OMG, you crack me up! I have also been eyeing the tiara over here, wondering if it would help the state of the union in our house. Maybe we should set a synchronized time to wear them? LOL

MéLisa said...

Oh Buffy! You whiny little thing! Sorry to hear that you & the Scheckster are still feeling poorly.

But Hip hip Hooray for Beki! Isn't she so sweet to send you that & save us all from your whining? What a gal!

PS you know you can whine whenever need be, I just like to tease ya.

capello said...

you need to go *tanning*

it REALLY helps the s.a.d.

Rohanknitter said...

I've been fighting the whines the past couple days, too. Or, maybe not fighting it so much .
Amazing how a sweet little bag can lift your spirits, no?

autum said...

Buffy... I like it!
I'm glad Beki saved the day and brought some sunshine your way in the form of sugar. Go ahead, put the tiara on. Put it on and eat candy on the couch while watching something completely mindless on TV.
Then take Capello's advice and go tan your buns.
Buffy would have a tan.

OK, no lie this is my fourth try with the word verification...I'm such a dork.

K said...

De-lurking to say - sorry about your sinuses but I totally feel your teeth pain!! It is horrendous and you have every right to whine! I had that 3 weeks ago. It took Motrin, lots of Sudafed and eventually antibiotics and steroids to ease it a little. Try boiling water, putting a towel over your head and inhaling. Hope you feel better soon......

Debbie said...

sorry about the sinuses. Hot Toddy's always seemed to help me.

Guess this means I can't convince you to come to the knitting group on Thursday night. bummer but I know what it is like to feel crummy that way.

3 to get ready said...

Sorry you guys have been under the weather! Feeling subhuman is the worst. It's sunny and ever-so-slightly warmer today, is that helping any?

If not, my personal recommendation is to go the candy route. And indulge yourself by doing something fun! Good luck -- I'm doing housework today. Bleaahh.

bekka said...

You are the buffiest. I do that sometimes, too. But i wish i coulda witnessed it all. keep on channeling buffy. i think it will help clear up your sinuses. i think it's a proven remedy. feel better soon. i'm just in a funk. it's too cold here, as well.

Katkat said...

That is sweet. I hope you feel perky again soon.

Christy said...

Oh Buffy! Reading your blog always lifts my spirits. Sorry to hear you're still feeling so crummy. Feel better soon!

The bag from Beki is so cute! An inspiration. Maybe I'll dig out my tiara to see if it helps me finish up any of my gazillion projects!