Monday, February 05, 2007

What? This Does't Say "Football" To You???

I read this article in the paper yesterday which reported on the record number of vegetables that are consumed on Super Bowl Sunday.

So - this was my contribution to the festivities of the day:

Carrot Cake Cupcake

Because nothing celebrates the rough & tumble, and oh-so-very masculine nature of "America's Pastime" like a heavily iced cupcake, am I right????

NOTE: I must confess, in the interest of full disclosure, that I have not yet watched the SuperBowl (although I have it on TiVo, and do plan to go back and watch the commercials, and the Prince halftime spectacular....)

No, I was too tired after watching all three hours of the Puppy Bowl.

Admit it. With that sentence, I just lost any semblance of "street cred" that I had going for me - didn't I?


Rohanknitter said...

Now that is a beautiful cupcake!
(I did "watch" the superbowl, but in reality I didn't see much besides the commericals and Prince.)

The Caretaker said...

what the heck is a puppy bowl? the link didn't work for me.

3 to get ready said...

Cute cupcake! But you have to watch the game! It rained the entire time and was like watching the guys play out in the back yard. Except I was very surprised at how well the grass held up.

Anyhoo. Guess I wasn't watching as closely as I thought.

Debbie said...

yummy! Your cupcake is rockin.

Ahhhhhh, I missed the Puppy Bowl. Took a long nap instead.

autum said...

That is one beautiful cupcake! I didn't watch either bowl, but I would've preferred the puppy bowl.

Kim said...

I'm so unhip, I'm not sure what would give me 'street cred'! :) I read during the Superbowl.

capello said...

mmmm... carrot cake ::drool::

jen said...

man i was a party ont he 23rd floor of the chicago Omni and couldn't HEAR any of the commercials. i was slightly pissed.

but the game was so bad you didn't miss anything...poor rex couldn't complete a pass for the life of him.