Friday, November 30, 2007

And this gets filed under "People I Love"...

One of my most favorite people is having a birthday today!

Please swing by The Digital LandPhil, and wish the CareTaker a very happy birthday!

And I won't put the birthday boy on the spot by telling you how old he is.
Let's just say that if I were going to take a picture of it, it would look like this:

4 zero

He wears it well.

Have a very, very Happy one, UCE/UB!

Thursday, November 29, 2007

Well, Look At This...

Two posts in the same day! Woo Hoo...

Hope you're not sick of me yet!

This seems as good a way as any to kick off "Things I'm Loving"...

Dig if you will, the picture: I'm doing laundry ('cause some drudgery never ends!) and I'm checking the pockets of the jeans, etc. When I find this small, business-card-sized note in Schecky's cargo pants:

This is cracking me up - obviously a list of things for which he is thankful, written for Spanish class. Which explains the name, "Miguel" - obviously, there's no Spanish translation for Schecky...

My Spanish is virtually non-existent, but between my shaky knowledge, and Babel Fish, I think he's thankful for:
  • My family
  • My fish
  • My house
  • My cats
  • The turkey
  • My Wii

There are a few things on this list that surprise me.

Like his fish, "Fish", for example. I'm not sure he's really that invested in Fish. It may just be that it was an easy word that he knew. (The Scheckster gets lazy like his Momma that way...)

The other thing that surprised me? That Bubba and I got listed before the Wii*!
I'm thankful for that!

Speaking of a boy... I'm about 3 minutes away from being late to pick him up -
Better run!

*A perfect example of a not-sucky thing that happened in November. Bubba received a Wii for participating in some developer's conference earlier in the year. We are all smitten - even me, much to my surprise. I'm not much of a gamer, and I have ZERO eye/hand coordination. So I wasn't all that excited when the Wii showed up at the house. I mean, it was free, which always makes me happy, but aside from that, I was kind of "meh."

Until we set it up.

I *love* this thing. It truly is a gaming platform that everyone can enjoy - young or old. Athletic or uncoordinated, etc. There really is something for everyone.

And - who knew? - it turns out that I am some sort of freakish bunny disco dancing savant!

Hey Ho, Let's Go!

You know how I've not been around much lately?
Mainly because this was the November that threatened to kick my ass?

Well... it hasn't.


The month is almost over - as are all the crazy time over-commitments* I made! YIPPEE!!!

So - I'm back.
(I know, I know... you were holding your breath for this day, right?)

I'm spending this week trying to catch up on the past month of blog reading (and might I just say "damn you, NaBloPoMo?" 'Cause all you people posting every day? Making it very difficult to get caught up... that's all I'm saying**) and then I think I'm ready to start posting again.

Honestly, I've missed blogging - both the reading and the writing (although, I believe that I'm a better reader/commenter than actual content provider) - and I'm ready to ease back in.

For you see, this last month hasn't been all "work and no play" - there's been a lot of play too. The real problem with November wasn't non-stop hideous drudgery (although there was too much of it!) The real problem was that there was too much of everything! Lots of activities, lots of friends, lots of travel, lots of food - so I've got a lot of stuff that I thought was interesting, that I'd like to share, from the past month.

So - I think the next few weeks - heck, maybe the entire month of December? - are going to loosely follow the theme of "things I love."

It's true that I may not have done the actual thing that I'm posting about on the actual day that I post it - but it's something that I liked well enough that I thought "I want to share that some day."
Hopefully, it'll still seem timely...

And on that note - and since I've not got my thoughts and photos organized to do some of that aforementioned sharing - I leave you with two quick links to things I'm loving today...

  • FREE RICE - Let me just tell you - I am love, Love, LOVING this... Increase your vocabulary *and* feed the hungry? Does it get any better than this? Seriously - run, go play! Now!

  • The Threadless $10 Sale - OK, this is somewhat less altruistic (one of the Free Rice words I got right this morning!) but still fun, albeit in a different way. I love so many of the Threadless designs - and at $10 a pop? Fabulousity...
    I got Schecky a couple of shirts, including Pillow Fight, and the Luckiest T-Shirt Ever.

    What he really wanted? This one. To which Bubba and I both said "NO" - and then promptly snuck off to the other room where we laughed and laughed and laughed about it.

    This is another Run! Go Play! site, because the shirts are selling out quickly...

*And, so help me, kick me if I start all this volunteering nonsense again, 'K?

**And, I *know*, I *know* - no one's MAKING me catch up... I just WANT to. It's hard to be Obsessive Compulsive. Really, truly it is...

Tuesday, November 13, 2007

Oh - and One Other Thing...

It would be remiss of me not to mention that Robert Goulet - singer and star of stage, screen and the tag line that appears at the top of this page - passed away recently.

"Replace tagline" is an item that I've had on my to-do list ever since I heard the news. Obviously, it's not happened yet - but it's on the list.
Anyone have any good suggestions????

Until I do get around to changing it, everyone should take a moment to enjoy the videoclip from which I blatantly stole the above quotation.
It originally aired during the SuperBowl - and it still makes me howl everytime I watch it...
I always wonder.... how much do you think they had to pay to get him to eat a PostIt note? Whatever the amount, it was worth every penny...

Goodbye, Mr Goulet... wherever you are.

At Least *SOMEONE* Around Here Is Being Creative...

And let me give you a big old hint.

It's not me.

I'm running around - foolishly trying to wear too many hats/juggle too many balls/insert your cliche of choice right here.

It's nothing worth writing about, its nothing that we don't all find ourselves mired in from time to time - the miscellaneous detritus that life throws at us.
This, too, shall pass...
It just doesn't leave much time for writing (or reading), nor does it leave much time for doing anything that is all that interesting to write (or read) about...

Fortunately, despite the drudgery that's going on here at the House That Crazy Built - I'm in fairly upbeat spirits.

Mainly because I've got cute stuff like this going on around me...

As I said, at least someone around here is being creative...

"A Horse of a Different Color", created by Schecky*

*For better detail, and a brief description of what this is - visit Flickr.