Thursday, November 29, 2007

Hey Ho, Let's Go!

You know how I've not been around much lately?
Mainly because this was the November that threatened to kick my ass?

Well... it hasn't.


The month is almost over - as are all the crazy time over-commitments* I made! YIPPEE!!!

So - I'm back.
(I know, I know... you were holding your breath for this day, right?)

I'm spending this week trying to catch up on the past month of blog reading (and might I just say "damn you, NaBloPoMo?" 'Cause all you people posting every day? Making it very difficult to get caught up... that's all I'm saying**) and then I think I'm ready to start posting again.

Honestly, I've missed blogging - both the reading and the writing (although, I believe that I'm a better reader/commenter than actual content provider) - and I'm ready to ease back in.

For you see, this last month hasn't been all "work and no play" - there's been a lot of play too. The real problem with November wasn't non-stop hideous drudgery (although there was too much of it!) The real problem was that there was too much of everything! Lots of activities, lots of friends, lots of travel, lots of food - so I've got a lot of stuff that I thought was interesting, that I'd like to share, from the past month.

So - I think the next few weeks - heck, maybe the entire month of December? - are going to loosely follow the theme of "things I love."

It's true that I may not have done the actual thing that I'm posting about on the actual day that I post it - but it's something that I liked well enough that I thought "I want to share that some day."
Hopefully, it'll still seem timely...

And on that note - and since I've not got my thoughts and photos organized to do some of that aforementioned sharing - I leave you with two quick links to things I'm loving today...

  • FREE RICE - Let me just tell you - I am love, Love, LOVING this... Increase your vocabulary *and* feed the hungry? Does it get any better than this? Seriously - run, go play! Now!

  • The Threadless $10 Sale - OK, this is somewhat less altruistic (one of the Free Rice words I got right this morning!) but still fun, albeit in a different way. I love so many of the Threadless designs - and at $10 a pop? Fabulousity...
    I got Schecky a couple of shirts, including Pillow Fight, and the Luckiest T-Shirt Ever.

    What he really wanted? This one. To which Bubba and I both said "NO" - and then promptly snuck off to the other room where we laughed and laughed and laughed about it.

    This is another Run! Go Play! site, because the shirts are selling out quickly...

*And, so help me, kick me if I start all this volunteering nonsense again, 'K?

**And, I *know*, I *know* - no one's MAKING me catch up... I just WANT to. It's hard to be Obsessive Compulsive. Really, truly it is...


Debbie said...

and here I thought we'd have to wait to 12:01 on December 1st to hear from you.

Never did understand why on earth someone would sign up to write a blog post a day or A BOOK for heavens sake in a month's time. As soon as I realized 2-3 sentences into a post that it was a "I have to post even though the only exciting thing that happened is me picking lint out of my belly button" type post I hit delete.

Love the Free Rice thing. Was trying to explain it to hubbo the other night and he wasn't getting it.

Glad your back and you lived through Nov!

Debbie said...

just checked out that tee shirt link and I LOVE IT!!!! Got me two shirts and The Man 3 shirts for Christmas gifts. Much better than wool socks for a gift.

Misty said...

so glad you are back! Truthfully I have missed your posts... (although, I agree with the damning of NaBlo. Seriously. My poor little google reader is worn out! )

beki said...

I'm happy you're back!

Hockey Mom said...

Hey! We gotta do lunch! Yay! Food!

You've been missed, but I know the slippery hole that you can slide into when volunteering. I was there myself.

We've bought several t-shirts from these people in the past. I love them!

Rebecca said...

so glad you've returned. this month seemed really busy for me, too. thanks for the link to the free rice page. it's great fun cause i love words and rice, too. but i'll be sure to pass that along to others as well.