Wednesday, March 14, 2007

Abbreviated Happy Things...

Today's list is going to be short, and fast...

Out of necessity.

Because I am dealing with a plumbing disaster.

Yes, something else is going wrong at the house that crazy built. You have no idea how much I wish that I was making this stuff up, or exaggerating it.

I went to the basement early this morning, to be greeted by a large puddle of water. Which was growing in size rapidly thanks to a steady trickle from the ceiling above.

It seems to be coming from the kitchen.

And for whatever reason, I can't seem to get the stream to stop. Even though I've tried using every single water cutoff valve I can find...

I've been calling the plumber, whom usually I love, since 6:45 this morning. If his receptionist tells me one more time "He should be on his way, hon" I may very well lose it.

In the meantime, I'm getting all kinds of lovely exercise by emptying out the large 5 gallon bucket that I've put under the deluge of water. It fills up way faster than one would imagine....

I can still find two things, though, that are worth smiling about. I present them below:


Completed PandaBaby!

Although I never did get her sweater to come out quite right, I went ahead and finished her up. I needed her done ASAP - because I donated her to my son's school's upcoming auction. I hope she goes to a good home. I became quite fond of this one...

I've still got one or two more ideas for a lil' Panda sweater up my sleeve, and I think I'll get a chance to try them out still. I've got a feeling that I am not done with Pandas just yet...

while I wait and wait for the SF Plumber
and as I empty out bucket after bucket of water

One of my dearest friends from college sent me an email on Friday - always a fun occasion in and of itself - in which she told me about The Music of the Year Jukebox.

I am loving this, although I'm not exactly sure of all the details about it (such as what it is, who runs it, etc.) But the short version is that someone has put together the top music by year from 1950 - 1984. Click on a year for the top 30 of the top 100 songs from that year. The songs are by the original artists and the quality is about what it was back then.

There are other playlists available too. I've been spending this morning bouncing back and forth between 1984, and 1968.

Although, I'm currently listening to AC/DC. Loudly.

Because the plumber's not getting here any faster, and I'm not getting any less cranky about it...
But the too loud music is appeasing my inner angry child.

UPDATED TO ADD: Plumber finally got here. Don't worry, I won't bore you with all the gory details - but the good news is that the tide has been stemmed, and the floor will probably be fine once it dries out. The bad news is that my arms are incredibly sore. Not from hauling all the buckets, but from writing the big old check that I had to write to the plumber.... sigh...

Oh - and the 1983 playlist is my absolute favorite!


MéLisa said...

Goodness! How old is your house? Or is it just like that one in the movie, The Money Pit? (not that we haven't had our share of house crazy, believe me you are not alone!).
I hope the plumber gets there soon! Just think of all the exercise that you are getting!

Pandababy = Cute cute!!!!! Love the pink scarf!

Sarah and Jack said...

Your story reminds me of the time our basement started to flood. Jack was only a few months old, and there was water coming from everywhere. Of course, we didn't discover it until after 10 pm, and our damn sump pump was broken! We stayed up all night long in shifts vacuuming up 1,000's of gallons of ice cold water. (It was December.) Ugh, worst night ever.

I hope the plumber has arrived by now.

Lori said...

LOVE Miss P. I hope she goes to a good home and fetches a hefty price.

And ROCK ON! Thanks for the linkage. And try to see the positive in waiting for the plumber. Just think what buff, tank-top wearing arms you're getting emptying all those buckets.


laeroport said...

Okay, whoops! That Lori was me.

Renee said...

Hope your leak is fixed soon. If not, take your panda swimming. ;^)

Katkat said...

Oh man you really do need my Hubby!
And the panda is too cute!

beki said...

Oh my lordy! I wonder how many AP's your earning with all the 5 gallon bucket emptying?

The bear - too cute, she looks quite snuggly to me.

capello said...

did you just call him a stupid fucking plumber?

that makes me *so* happy....

capello said...

and now i'm listening to phil collin's against all odds.


3 to get ready said...

So sorry to hear about your (continuing) plumbing issues! What a pain! I certainly hope that the plumber has gotten there by now.

And FINALLY we get the backstory for BFC! Should have asked earlier I guess, but I always kind of wondered.....just couldn't figure out the connection!

Rohanknitter said...

Oh, poor you! Plumbing problems are soooooo frustrating. HOpe he showed up soon!
Cutie-pie panda!

Christy said...

Glad the leak is fixed! :)

Thanks for the jukebox link. Very cool site. And of course you LOVE the 1983 starts off with The Police!

I'm listening to 1980 - The Pina Colada Song. Love it!!

Laura said...

I'm having flashbacks to the videos that go with that playlist. 1983 is awesome.

TinkerBlue said...

Pandababy is adorable.
Hope you and the house recover quickly.
And you just became my saviour. My mother in law is 60 this year, and we are doing "60 days of 60". Part of that is I wanted to send her a song a day, one from every year since she was born. Now I don't have to do the work. I just need 1947, 48 and 49. Yeah. Thank you.

Kim said...

Love the panda. And, I must go over to that jukebox, posthaste!

bekka said...

NO! a plumbing problems? lovely panda baby though. she looks pretty in pink!

Chara Michele said...

Glad it is fixed finally! The panda you made is absolutely adorable:)

bekka said...

so i'm listening to WNCW out of Spindale, NC, near Asheville and i heard a song that i thought you'd appreciate. are you familiar with Hubbard Ray Wylie? he has this song called snake farm.

it goes a little something like this:

Well a woman I love is named Ramona
She kinda looks like Tempest Storm
And she can dance like little Egypt
She works down at the snake farm


Snake Farm – it just sounds nasty
Snake Farm – well it pretty much is
Snake Farm – it's a reptile house
Snake Farm – Uuuggghhhhh......

Well Ramona's got a keen sense of humor
She got a tattoo down her arm
It's of a python eatin' a little mouse
Wearin' a sailor hat that says snake farm


I asked Ramona how come she works there
She says it's got it's charms
Nothing to do in the winter
Now and then some kid gets bit at the snake farm


Well Ramona likes the Shiner Bock beer
And the band from England that's called The Alarm
She said she cried when they broke up
She still plays their records at the snake farm


Sometimes Ramona calls me up
And says come on down here, it's getting warm
She runs everybody off
And's a snake farm