Friday, January 26, 2007

WIP Friday - 26 January

I am having quite a love/hate relationship with this project.

The love part is easy - I'm pleased with the way that Little Miss Panda is developing. She's turning out to look in real life mostly the way that she looks in my head.

However, it's that "mostly" that leads to the "hate" part of this WIP. In my head, she's wearing a sweater. And I wanted to make her a small sweater - a separate one, not one that's part of her body. Sounds cute, right?

Of course, I decide to do this not ever having made a tiny sweater before.

And without a pattern.

And, well... it's not going fantastically.

I've had 3 previous attempts at a sweater for Lil' Miss.
All frogged. This is a picture of the fourth attempt, which I am pretty sure is going to go the way of the previous three.

Any advice*? Greatly appreciated....

In the meantime, I whipped her up a tiny scarf, just so she didn't feel too exposed when I took her picture.
(And she does have limbs - but I didn't want to put her arms on until after I made her sweater. I figured it'll be easier to sew her arms on once I know where the sweater sleeves fall - rather than try to make the sweater and get the sleeves to go where her arms are...)

*I did find one site that looked promising - a sweater pattern generator, which includes a preset for "teddy sweaters".
However, I do not seem to be clever enough to figure out how to make it work... sigh.


autum said...

She's too flippin cute! With a sweater she's going to be even cuter than too flipin cute.
Good luck with the sweater design. I can't help you with knitting, sorry.

Sarah and Jack said...

I tried to sort out that pattern generator thing, but I have no clue what to answer to questions like gauge? LOL In my world it would be easier to cut up an old sweater and then sew it together to make a little sweater. (But, I am a knitting idiot of sorts.)

Rohanknitter said...

Wow, way, way, way too cute!
I have never knit a sweater of any size, so I'm no help at all.

3 to get ready said...

You got my e-mail with the teeny sweater pattern right? That said, I don't think it would fit sweet Miss Panda without major modifications. Maybe if you did it in big yarn with big needles?

Or have you tried this one from Wee Wonderfuls? It might work, with a little tweaking. I made it and it wasn't too hard.

Good luck!

Chara said...

She is adorable! I also am no help with the sweater, even though I know how to knit I have never attempted to make a sweater even in human size.

autum said...

Oh, I love 3 to get ready's idea. I think Lil' Miss Panda would look adorable in a cardigan. Of course, then she'll need a strand of pearls too.

beki said...

Oh my goodness, my littel brain can't wrap around that one. A tiny sweater? Even if I could knit, I'm pretty sure I couldn't figure that one out. That little panda is too cute!

MéLisa said...

Oh my goodness! Could she be more cute?! You know that I am no help in the knitting dept, but I LOVE the cardigan witht eh string of pearls idea!

Kelli said...

um, yeah. Your guess is as good as mine when it comes to knitting a panda sweater. Actually, your guess would be way closer than mine because oh my god is that panda sweet! And you made her! Is she a tribute to your new Lan panda?

blair said...

She really adorable, I have such a weakness for knitted toys. The sweater? Well, if you can't knit one to your liking, you can always cut and sew one out of a felted sweater. Just a thought.

Katkat said...

Verey sweet face , I love the scarf

bekka said...

what a cutie. hmmm good luck with the sweater. i think the scarf is enough. maybe a funky-horned hat? scarf is enough. really!