Thursday, January 25, 2007


I was enjoying 3ToGetReady's blog this morning, reading about her son's participation in the Cub Scouts' PineWood Derby. This struck a chord with me because Shecky's been working on his car around here as well.

What really got me to smiling, though, was the subtext - whilst her son was competing, her eldest daughter was finding love at the racetrack.

Ah - a thought that strikes terror into every Southern Mama's heart...

With thoughts of finding love at the track dancing in my head, I hereby declare today "Dirt Track Date Thursday" - in honor of the seminal album by Southern Culture on the Skids.
I will be listening to it all day, and attempting to get my hair to stand up tall and proud*.

If you're not familiar with SCOTS, I highly recommend them. You can hear song snippets at both Amazon and the iTunes Music Store.

If nothing else, be sure to visit the website - and be sure to check out the recipe section. It may be too late for this past Christmas, but you better believe I bookmarked the recipe for the "Gingerbread Trailer" for Xmas 2007!


Edited to add: How much do I love WhiteTrashMom? She's hinting that she just might have to make a trailer this weekend! I think this endeavor needs encouragement!!!

*Wish me luck on that one... you've seen my hair. It doesn't do "big" - which was the bane of my 80's high school existence...


capello said...

you just need to spray on the white rain.

3 to get ready said...

Hey! Thanks for all the linky-love!

My hair won't do big either, even when it was longer. Can't wait to see that Gingerbread Trailer!

laeroport said...

My mom used to rat my hair so big when I was a kid in the 70's. You just need a rat tailed comb and a ton of Aqua Helmet.

And I think we saw SCOTS once upon a time before children in the KC River Market area opening for Junior Brown or the Reverend Horton Heat. Something like that. All those shows in my youth (a.k.a. early 30s) just blur together.

blair said...

I loved SCOTS so much during and post college, thanks for reminding me, I need to pull them out again!

bekka said...

have you seen them live? oh, what an experience. i forget which cd i had. that song with lyrics " under my house. SKUNK." i think about them often, actually. but lost that cd. maybe they'll have a reunion tour.