Thursday, October 25, 2007

A Little Inspiration Is A Very Good Thing...

And speaking of "little things"....


And A is For...

Yes. Yes, indeed.
Seems that the universe *was* trying to tell me something.

Mainly that it had been a way long-ass time since I had actually finished anything. So, I reunited* with my needles and finished this little girl. Who was, I believe, begun back in earlier this spring.

Which brings me to a bit of a dilemma...

I started this little bear for a baby that was born last December - although I didn't get the birth announcement until late January. There were other babies born first, though, so I didn't get started on this one until late March or April.

But then there was the stupid I-burned-my-hands-so-I-can't-knit incident.
Which took much longer than I thought to get over.

Which was then promptly followed by the inner-ear-infection-from-hell-so-I-can't-do-anything incident.
Which, as you recall from all the subsequent whining, took forfreakingever to get over.

Then there was the introspective navel-gazing phase, which was also not particularly conducive to getting stuff done.

So - that brings me to here.
This "baby-gift" is ready now - TEN MONTHS after the birth of the baby.

A part of me thinks that it's just too stupid and embarrassing to send a gift this late.
Another part of me thinks that it's even more stupid not to send it, just because I'm embarrassed.

I could probably go find an Emily Post type answer as far as gift giving etiquette - but I'm far more interested in real life application.

What would you do?
Send it with no explanation?
Send it with a (very brief) explanation?
(I really don't want to explain what a goof I am, and how hard its been for me to get anything done this year. I mean, I'll talk about it with y'all - y'all already know that stuff. But to rehash to it someone who's lucky enough not to have to hear about it the first time???)

Or should I just decide that the A on the sweater stands for my last name and keep it for myself, selfish troll that I am?

'Cause I have to admit, I'm kind of smitten by this face:


*Reunited.... and it feels so good....
Anyone else old enough to remember that song? And did anyone realize that Herb went through about five different Peaches? Must be harder than we think to shake your groove thing!

and Sweet Cracker Sandwich! They're still touring!
Who knew?


jen said...

well he's freakin' ADORABLE and i think any child would be delighted to have him!

Wendy said...

Oh, I send stuff late all the time. It's handmade, it's adorable and it's thoughtful. They'll love it.

And besides, when I'm months and months late on things, I think it makes other people feel better about themselves.

If you really want the people to feel like they owe you, tell them that it's taken you this long to make the little guy. (If it was me, it really would have take that long.)

Or (final thought- I promise) save it for another couple of months and send it as a 1st birthday present.

Debbie said...

you know the 1st Birthday present is a great idea!

Oh and thanks a lot. I've got that darn "shake your groove thing" running through my head now.

Chara Michele said...

I like Wendy & Debbie's suggestion about the 1st Birthday present. That bear is so adorable I think they will be so happy to have it! :)

Beth said...

I would send it for an early 1st Birthday present. Then it will seem like your on top of your game and early instead of 10 months late. So in the end you will look like a very organized and on top of it gift-giver!

Sarah and Jack said...

I vote for first birthday. People who sent gifts for that birthday for Jack were awesome! Everyone sends gifts when they are born, but not so much as they grow, ya know?

rohanknitter said...

I'll echo the first bday gift idea or it could even be a first Christmas present. Or just send it. I always feel like a shmuck for being behind on stuff, but then I notice that lots of other people are pretty much in the same boat. (plus, it's handmade!)

This would all be assuming I could let it out of my clutches, with it being so dang cute and all!!!

Rebecca said...

send it with a brief note. i'm sure the mother/father will be pleased to have something so special and handmade from you! darn you for getting those songs looping through my head. you're so not nice about that. have to to find something else to hum, quickly!

Big Pissy said...

I think that wendy's and debbie's ideas are both good ones. :)


You could send him to me!

I think he's just precious!!!! ;-)

Rhonda said...

Very, very cute. And better late than never, right?

African Kelli said...

A handwritten note can explain anything -- and what newborn would appreciate that beauty? Nah. The kid will love this sweet teddy more today than a year ago anyway!

iwouldratherbeknitting said...

I think it's perfect to send now.. early birthday gift.. and besides.. the baby was TOO young to be able to play, cherish, and hold the little bear a few months ago.

So, it is perfect for the baby now and for the next many years .. this just might become the toy 'that becomes so loved that it becomes real'.. aka.. The Velveteen Rabbit.

laeroport said...

Bring on the solid gold dancers - I've found my earworm for today. ;)

I say flip a coin. Heads you keep it - tails you send it for a first birthday gift. Either way, it is adorable.

Cheers, sweets!

Hockey Mom said...

Send it! They baby will do more with it now anyway!

Anonymous said...

Are you aware Robert Goulet is in the hospital waiting on a lung transplant?

beki said...

I think you should send it. It's not like the kid outgrew it or anything. I'm sure it will be much appreciated, how can they not love something so cute?

Misty said...

i love it!!! and you should photo and frame it for you, then send it!

cindy said...

that bear is so cute that it would be worth the wait!

Thimbleanna said...

How'd I miss this post? This is my second bloglines aggravation today! Something in the two pumpkin post made me think I'd missed something so I scrolled down -- what a fun surprise -- LLA has picked up the sticks again!!! Yay!!!! She's cute as can be -- I hope you ended up sending her. I've done the 1st b-day thing too before -- it seemed to work.