Tuesday, February 27, 2007

When Cute + Crazy Delicious = Dinner

I seem to have "Fresh, Hot, Small, Square"* on the brain these days.

Which is funny - because, in spite of me claiming to be such a good Southern girl, I have eaten at a Krystal exactly once in my life.
It was in 1991, in Valdosta, Georgia. I was not impressed - which made me a little sad.
I wanted to like it...

I've also only ever eaten at a White Castle once in my life, too. It was later in the 90's, in Indiana. I was on my way home from GeekyMom's wedding, and to be honest all I really remember about WC was getting to try Big Red.
What can I say, I am a sucker for regional soft drinks.

But that's a topic for another day.
I'm digressing, and what I wanted to talk about was dinner...

I was having a dilemma. I was in the mood to cook. I was in the mood to eat. So what was the problem? I was also in one of those annoying moods where absolutely everything sounded gross. I couldn't think of one. single. thing. that sounded good to eat.

I looked through my compilation of our family's favorite recipes.

I trolled through my big folder of recipes I've collected with the intention of "trying someday."

I browsed CookingLight.com, Epicurious.com, and any other recipe site I've ever bookmarked in my life.
Nil. Nada. No help.

I was just about to give up and ask Bubba if we could go out to dinner (except I couldn't think of a single place that I wanted to go...) when I started reading something interesting at Never Trust a Skinny Chef.

William (the owner of NTaSC) had written a post on what he called "Lite Castle Burgers." And it was a really beautifully written post, too. His glowing description of the marriage of meat and bun, onion and cheese was the first thing that piqued my interest all day. He made it sound good... (and keep in mind, that was no easy feat, given my "everything is yukky" frame of mind!)

So mini-burger it was.

Cute + Crazy Delicious = Dinner

Boy, oh boy - am I grateful to William for introducing me this recipe - it is fabulous! It got three thumbs up from our household. This one's going to be a keeper around here...

I did a few things slightly differently** than he did - I rolled the meat out very thinly between wax paper sheets, sprinkled it with the Montreal Steak Seasoning, and then folded the meat in half so the seasoning got sandwiched in the middle.
Then I rerolled the meat to thin it out a bit again, and cut it into 12 squares. Mainly because I had 12 of the King's Hawaiian dinner rolls (they come 12 to a package) and I like things to come out evenly. I'm all OCD that way...

In addition to the King's Hawaiian rolls, I used Kraft Singles Sharp Cheddar, and sauteed up some Vidalia onion - then I layered it all together with just a smear of mayonnaise. It really was a fantastic mingling of flavors.

I served the cute little mini-burgers with some baked French Fries (gotta to love the Ore-Idas, and if they're good enough for Rachael Ray, they're good enough for me!) and some fruit (you know, so it'd be healthy...)

Fresh, Hot, Small, Square

Schecky and Bubba have both taken the leftover burgers to school/work for lunch, and even leftover, they still get a good review!

*See "Valentine's Recap"

**So - if you're counting WW points, my total would be different than his...


capello said...

did you have mister pibb and red vines for dessert?

my stepmonster, originally from tennessee, went to white castle like a crack addict. once they opened, she went there every single morning for a fish sandwich, two fries and diet coke.

normanack said...

Lordy, I think I could eat all twelve. (Not really, but I'd love to try.)

Due to Really Important Health Issues, however, I can only enjoy that sort of food vicariously. Thank you for letting me experience it, albeit through my computer screen!

William Conway said...

Bravo! I think your pictures turned out WAY better than mine!

I think the secret to mini-burger nirvana is the Hawaiian bread. So delicious...

I cut the patties up and freeze them for quick action if need be. Properly packaged, they'll last for a while in the cooler.

Oh, and if you venture up to the Carolinas, go grab some Cheerwine. That stuff is the bomb.

beki said...

Mmm, your pictures are making me drool!!!

African Kelli said...

Anything on potato bread with a side of ketchup looks good. YUM. How WT is that?

autum said...

Hey, it's funny WC just said if you venture up to the Carolinas. I'll have you a Cheerwine in the fridge.

Kim said...

Looks yummy!

MéLisa said...
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MéLisa said...

Oh my gosh! Those look so yummy I might have to re think what I was going to make for dinner! Now where can I find the Hawaiian bread buns here in the black hole of good food, more commonly known as sw MI. (oh how I miss Publix!!!)

Also thanks for the adding a great food blog to my daily reads!

Renee said...

I'm trying very hard not to lick my monitor right now. Those sound (and look) downright tasty!

laeroport said...

My tumbly just got all rumbly looking at that! Yum!

Leah said...

Man that is making me SOOOO hungry! Those look way better than krystals!

I'm with William on the Cheerwine as well! Here in Atlanta you can get it at Dusty's bbq on briarcliff & lots of random gas stations.

bekka said...

wow. what a yummy looking meal. can you come over and cook for me? okay i'm just lazy. my "dinner" last night was a handfull of terra chips, a few spoons full of B&J's chunky monkey ice cream, and 6 or 8 handfulls of dry cereal; quaker oat squares. you are the queen, and i am just a sad sad eater. love those King's Hawaiian dinner rolls though! they're the best. i can make a meal outta them. but then, i just like bread.