Wednesday, August 23, 2006

Nest On!*

A quick clarification:

There is no medical reason for my nesting. None whatsoever!
Oh heavens, no.
No, no, no, no, no, no, no.
Unless my native nesting instinct just didn't kick in for 8 years. Which is possible - I am/was a late bloomer. I didn't even get my 12 year molars until I was old enough to vote, or something ridiculous like that...

Anyway, I am sorry if I got anyone's hopes up with talks of nesting! Not pregnant. No babies on the way. Nada.

I am strangely flattered that anyone could even think that I could still bear a child, given that I'm older than dirt, and perfecting my crabby granny impression a little bit more every day! :)

Although, I would have some serious explaining to do, however, given that Bubba is on the road all the time anymore....

But, now that I've got everyone with babies on the mind, go visit Autum at CreativeLittleDaisy - she's got the cutest lil baby picture up that you'll see all day! And Manda at TreeFall has some happy news as well!

And as for me? Well, I've still got Mount Laundry... sigh.

Oh - and I meant it when I asked the other day for tips on how you motivate yourself to do the boring, unpleasant stuff you don't want to do.
Do you act like a grownup and just suck it up and get it done?
Do you bribe yourself, as in "if I fold all this laundry, then I get to...."?
Do you set a timer and make yourself toil for X amount of time?

Inquiring minds want to know....

*That's my new saying. Autumn made it up. I love it....


capello said...

I'm a wee bit OCD. I love to do chores.

And laundry is my favorite.

I'm weird like that.

MéLisa said...

I try to do as much of my cleaning, washing etc at night during the week after work. That way I have my weekends to work on fun projects. Some weeks I do a better job than others. I find that if I don’t sit down for too long I do have as hard a time getting back up. Like after dinner I can’t sit at the table for too long or the dishes with not get done. One that DH is pretty good about is if I cook he does the dishes. Most nights he does, but he cannot remember where the clean ones go to save his life so I end up having to put them away. Oh well…..

Hey Capello you can come do my laundry any day! I don't mind so much to doing, but the putting away, ugh!

bekka said...

the nesting thing... well despite having never been pregnant, i've always read that those about to give birth go through a major nesting instinct. but, i figured that if you were that close to L+D that your loyal blog readers would know it.

inspiration for doing chores? yuck. i have no advice. sorry. i think the only thing that gears me and and ian up for cleaning is the onset of company. we rarely entertain so our clutter and dog fur everywhere is no big deal.

and when it comes to laundry, well i have enough clothes that i could probably go a month without doing laundry. but poor ian does not. when he starts febreezing his jeans, that's when one of us breaks down and launders. i'm a fool for folding laundry. love love love to do that. and sometimes dusting is very satifying.

i'll be interested to see what advice you get. oh, at one time, i got a book called the zen of cleaning. i think it was how to turn your chores into moments of contemplation and spirtiual growth, but i never read it.

manda said...

Oh you spoil sport! Any chance you could get yourself preggers, just for me? I'd really appreciate you keeping me company!
As far as the housework goes, hmmm...Well, I don't really do any so I'm not sure I can comment.I tidy everyday as I go along, so to the undiscerning eye the place looks clean and tidy. However the reality is that I think we may be living in a life size petrie dish, growing god alone knows what! I'm working on the basis that John Travolta almost caused his sons death when he was a baby because he was totally ocd about the place being completely clean and therefore to keep it dirty is actually protecting Bella! Uh huh, it's true I tell you.
So no help there then. Sorry.
Pregnancy. What a good idea.

autum said...

I have NO advice to offer you. I agree with Bekka, the best incintive for cleaning like mad is company coming. There is a web site dedicated to cleaning and organizing and establishing routines.
Wonderful ideas in theory, but I'd like it better if she came and did it for me.

Emily said...

as for laundry, which I HATE, wash, wash, wash....fold during General Hospital. I know, so lame, but hey, the last hour before boys get home and taxi starts running, strangely calming.

laeroport said...

I'm a crisis cleaner - a trait I learned from my mother. If we aren't having people over, my house is a complete pit. And I do laundry when someone runs out of underwear. Although my craft room (crap room - because it becomes the dumping ground for everyone's crap when said crisis cleaning is undertaken) was driving me so crazy that I did start organizing it last night. Good luck with that motivation thing.