Tuesday, August 22, 2006

Welcome to the Jungle...*

I decided that maybe this was funny enough to be picture-worthy. Or pathetic enough. Take your pick...

Have I mentioned before that we're not big yard people?
Capello asked me recently how we managed to get away with only mowing our grass once or twice a year. I replied that it's easy when you don't mind all your neighbors thinking you're the WT family on the block. **
Just in case you thought I was kidding, Capello, this picture is for you! :)

Anyway, maybe there is something to this whole "babystepping" idea. Because slow as it may be, I am making some progress...

*And how am I getting rid of all the weeds?
Easy - by getting down on my shun n,n,n,n,,n,n,,n,n,n,,n,n,,n knees!
(I crack myself up sometimes. Really, I do....)

**the other part of this is that we keep the miniscule front yard (and by that, I mean it's probably about the size of your dining room table) looking nice. No one really sees the side or the back; and most of my neighbors are guilty of doing the exact same thing!


capello said...

I thought it was shan-na-na-na knees! knees!

Really, all you need is a weekwaker for that job. Now mower required.

If I were you, I'd pull it all out and plant some stepable type of plant. Then there's *no* maitenance.

The Caretaker said...

I cracked a smile. I'll admit it.
But seriously, you call that a problem area?? You haven't met my front yard.

Missy said...

wevgnyoI do the same "baby steps". Work for 10 mins. do something I like for 10 mins. OK, I don't know that it really works, but if I didn't do it, I would get NOTHING done as I would sit on my ass all day and think about a way to get something done while sitting on my ass.

LLA said...

Missy, you and I think alike!

bekka said...

it's not quite 9 am and it took me a moment to get your musical reference. sigh. looks like lots of progress made with the strip o yard.

MéLisa said...

Oh come on now! You call that a jungle! Ha! I should post a picture of my garden. Then you would see a jungle! I had chickens laying eggs in it for a week before I was able to find the nest!

But I will give you a pat on the back for your progress! Good for you!

I remeber seeing that video when MTV stilled played videos! Auh the good old days!

Angela said...

I'll be singing this song alllll day now. Thanks.
You are funny.
I'd dump a bunch of gravel in that path and be done with it! ;-)