Thursday, August 24, 2006


Well, it seems that the universe is pleased with all the cleaning/purging/organizing/etc. that is getting done around here.

Not only am I completely out of my annoying little pity-party-funk of last week,* and not only is the house starting to look (a tiny bit) appreciatively better,** but we had some good news here at the House o' Crazy yesterday...

Bubba just got a nice promotion. Which was totally unexpected. Which makes it even nicer.
He has asked that I not say too much about it here, as he wants no part of his work life affiliated with BadFortuneCookie, and really can you blame him? At any rate, he's got a new job title (and of course, more responsibilities) and we are all quite pleased for and proud of him!

One of our two cats, Thing Two***, has learned of Bubba's new position, and has requested that we now get him a set of these.
Thanks to the ever-charming Editrixie for pointing me in the direction of that photo!

So - things are looking up around here. Wonder what the MusicGods have to say about that? Should we see???

*Too busy to sulk!

**OK, maybe it's only parts of the house, and maybe only I would notice... but still, better!

***Three guesses what the other cat is named...

Obviously, it's a footnote-y kind of day.


capello said...

Perhaps I should call you George Foreman cuz you're selling everybody Grillz.

autum said...

Oh Capello beat me to it. I wanted to be the first to say something clever about the kitty grill.
OK I went to ask the kids and they said the cat is flashin' his fronts. They also looked at me like I have lost my mind.

autum said...

Where are my manners? Congratulations on Bubba's promotion. And congratulations on cleaning, organizing, and getting out of your funk.

MéLisa said...

That kitty is very scary! Maybe I am just not down with what is, er, hip but that kind creeped me out!

Congrats on Bubba's promotion!

3 to get ready said...

Congratulations on Bubba's promotion! Maybe I should try some useful projects just to see what happens. Hmmm....

LLA said...

I decided to go ahead and see what the MusicGods were thinking...

And all I've got to say is "huh?"

Pump It - The BlackEyed Peas
Woman - John Lennon
Rockafeller Skank - FatBoy Slim
"My Cat's Breath Smells Like Cat Food" - Ralph Wiggum
I'm in Love - the dBs
Mother's Little Helper - Rolling Stones
These Days - R.E.M.
Perfect World - Talking Heads
The Body - Public Image, LTD
Life, and How to Live It - R.E.M.