Monday, March 13, 2006

Introducing Laurie...

...and now you know how I spent the remainder of the weekend, once I got the in-laws all packed up and out.

This is Laurie - whom I made for a woman who works at the preschool. She (the preschool girl, not Laurie-the-bear) is a real, true crafty girl and I hope that she'll overlook any mistakes that I made!
Actually, that's really just me being hypercritical - she is not judgmental like that at all....Also, this is the best bear I've turned out to date, although I will always have a soft spot for BabyHenry, since he was my first born. Miss Laurie's arms look a little wonky in this picture, since I kind of had to wedge her into the crook of the tree. She's much more graceful in person.

I am still having fun making bears, which is good, since I figure I've got at least 5 and perhaps more to go! It is funny how each one seems to have a different personality and turns out quite differently.

I am thinking about modifying the pattern somewhat and attempting to knit a zombie. If I get that started in the immediate future, I'll keep you apprised.

Aside from finishing this little one, not too much new on the home front. It was a nice visit with the in-laws, the weather is gorgeous, and life overall is good... It's not much to blog about, but it sure is pleasant.


The Caretaker said...

You are so friggin talented, it's scary. You knit as fast as you read. You're puttin' out more knitted critters than the cabbagepatch factory. Until I learned how cool these things could be, I didn't give a rip about knittin'. How about if you make every other knitted critter armless/legless. Or every 3rd?
: )
How much for you to knit me one on commission for karole's/mala's kids?

Editrix said...

SO cute! I want to knit Kate at some point, but I feel like I should make some headway on the sweater before I allow myself to cast on for something new. The problem with Jess Hutchinson's patterns is that they are almost TOO quick and satisfying to make -- you stop wanting to knit anything else!

3 to get ready said...

Your bears are so cute! I tried the Odd Fellow, and that's as far as I've gotten. I had to use bulky yarn because I can't find an LYS that stocks LWP - where did you find it?? I'm in Atlanta too.

Laurie said...

The Laurie bear is the perfect Laurie gift! She now sits on the corner of my crockpot and seems to be typing on my Speak & Spell hanging on the wall to her side.

Can you tell that I've got an ecclectic funky-junky, artsy-fartsy style when it comes to decorating?