Saturday, February 02, 2008

Punxsutawney Who???

I make it a point to pay no attention to the prognostications of Yankee Groundhogs.

I mean, really - who are you going to put your faith in: the groundhog who started off his morning with an order of "scattered, smothered and covered" from the Waffle House, or the one who didn't?

It's a pretty easy choice to make, in my opinion.

Georgia's own Beauregard Lee declared that we'll have an early spring this year!



Gotta Knit! said...

Go Beauregard!

Hockey Mom said...

It's funny - last night, they were saying he would see his shadow (meaning more winter) and that Phil wouldn't. It was totally reversed. The north will continue to get slammed and now I feel a need to get my seed starting operation rolling!

capello said...

punxsutawney phil is just a mean, evil bastard working for the salt mines.

Autum said...

I'm thinking Beau looks like a pretty smart guy.

rohanknitter said...

Sounds like good words to live by: "Never trust a Yankee Groundhog."
: )
Side note- on the recent drive through the south towards WDW, I think it was somewhere in Georgia when middle son suddenly asked "Mom, what the HECK is a waffle house!?"

Big Pissy said...

Hey! I'm gonna be in Atlanta the 18th of Feb for a week.

We HAVE to get together!

I say we meet at a Waffle House. ;-)

The Caretaker said...

My name hath done been besmirched.

Thimbleanna said...

Well, clearly we must go with Beau. We're all for an early spring. Thanks for the reminder -- I completely forgot about GH Day. I really want to watch that movie now too!

DianeCA said...

Did you ever stop to wonder just how old that groundhog must be by now???

I live in Norway, I don't need a rodent to tell me we will have at least 6 more weeks of winter!!