Monday, April 09, 2007

Life Is What Happens While You're Making Other Plans...

Ah yes...

We had a lovely Spring Break tour of South Georgia - we hit Pine Mountain*, lovely and scenic Valdosta (read that with a little bit of sarcasm - just the teeniest bit) and the truly lovely and scenic Savannah (no sarcasm there...).

All stops were thoroughly enjoyed - although the homecoming was made somewhat rough by the COLD!
Yikes, people, what happened??

Anyhow - today was meant to be a day of shepherding Schecky back to school, then spending a pleasant morning downloading all the vacation pictures and going through them. Also answering emails, reading blogs, etc.

Note the ominous use of the word "was".

That was the plan.

Until the projectile vomiting started early this morning.

Poor Schecky is a sick lil pup - so there will be no return to school today. The new and revised game plan calls for Sprite, Pedialyte, and snuggling when called for.
(And lots and lots and lots of hand-washing for me - I love the boy, but I can already tell that I do not want what he's got!)

So the pictures, etc. will have to wait until another day.

In the meantime - let me leave you with this little random nibbly bit to mull over:

According to Google, I am the #12 search result for Kingsport Dominatrix.

Woo Hoo - how proud does this make me? I mean, that puts me just a few slots below Bettie Page**, who first appears in the #3 position.

I've just got to wonder, though... exactly who is searching for this? Sometimes you've just got to cock your head to the side and go "hmmmm".

*Ironically, perhaps the only place in the whole state that has even more pollen than the Atlanta area!

**She may, or may not, be from Kingsport. Accounts vary wildly...


autum said...

Poor Schecky, I hope it is one of those very short lived bugs and he's all better by this afternoon.
Those google searches can be funny. I had a hit last week from a google search for "girls gone wild." I just snickered imagining how quicly they clicked away from CLD.
Sounds like and old boyfriend may be trying to look you up Miss Dominatrix ;)

capello said...

hey, scheck and darwin are in the same boat.

darwin has diarrhea too. does he? (if not, you're a lucky lady. luck. eee. lay. deee.)

shizzknits said...

Ah, I hope Schecky is feeling better really soon. And I hope *you* don't get what he's got. The perils of motherhood! I think sometimes that we mommas should get emergency kits with biohazard suits and gas masks in them.

beki said...

Oh no, poor little guy! I have my finges crossed that this is a short lived bug and that it stays away from you!!!

laeroport said...

Glad you're back! Hope the Scheckster is better real soon - and doesn't give it to mommy! And congrats, you dominatrix, you!

African Kelli said...

I am so sorry your Schecky is sick. But I can't stop laughing about you being a dominatrix. Hee hee! What exactly do you domineer? The food coloring in the flower experiment? I can just see you cracking your whip at that project!

3 to get ready said...

Oh no! Poor Shecky! That kind of thing is just miserable for everyone involved. I hope he gets over it QUICKLY! For everyone's sake.

We were in Pine Mountain at about this time last year. It was fairly entertaining. Once. Don't know as I'd feel the need to go back anytime soon, though.

angela said...

I want to go to Savannah sometime. Always seems/looks so pretty.
So sorry about the little guy! I know that sucks! Let's hope it passes super quick.
Dominatrix? he he. You've got some hidden talents then? :)

Katkat said...

Poor guy, nothing like coming home from fun and feeling like ick.

rohanknitter said...

Awww, the poor kid. At least when they are like that you know it shouldn't last long. Hope he's better already!

Kim said...

I hope that Schecky feels better soon. Yick.

Is there a market in Kingsport for dominatrix? odd search.

I'm sure that I get all sorts of mis-directed folks to my blog, as is NOT my is porn!!! My mother, an elementary school teacher, accidentally told one of her colleagues that was my blog address & they got quite a surprize!

rhonda said...

Hey, it's nice to be famous for something, huh? =]

Renee said...

I'm hearing many vomit stories lately. Geez, hope he feels better and I hope it stays away from my house!

Leah said...

Eeek! I hope he's feeling better!

OK that dominatrix thing is too much!!! HA! :)

Debbie said...

there is a lot of that going around. Hope he is feeling better.

Rebecca said...

not projectile vomiting! i hope he improved quickly.

you ferreted me out. i'm the one looking for the kingsport dominatrix. sheeesh. can't a girl have some fun?

no more of the P-word, please. i've had my fill. won't it all go away?

i'm being lazy and letting the google/blogger thing automatically sign me in.

laeroport said...

Hey, how is that Scheckster? I hope no news is good news, but I'm having LLA withdrawl!!!!!!!