Friday, January 19, 2007

WIP Friday

To begin: a Finished Object!

This is the slightly modified Architect's Scarf from "Greetings from Knit Cafe" that I was making for Bubba.*
Basically, I made it wider, and shortened some of the stripe patterns so that the overall length was a bit shorter.

This was a fun little knit - I worried that I might get bored with it, but I guess the color changes kept it interesting. It was mindless enough that it was a great TV-watching knit.

I wouldn't mind making another one of these - but I think I'd just do it in two colors, and in a really sumptuous, girly kind of yarn. Maybe a cashmerino???

I actually tried to take a few more interesting shots of this scarf, but neither of them really worked out - so the simple picture it is!

And for this week's WIP.... want to take a peek?

WIP Friday - 19 January

I think she's peeking back at you, too!

*Although, since I made it for Bubba, it should be called the Information Architect's Scarf. (hee!)


autum said...

I bet that's a baby panda peeking back at me. You got Bubba's scarf finished at a great time huh? Looks like our spring-like winter is over.

3 to get ready said...

Gorgeous in pictures, gorgeous in person -- love that scarf! Did you figure out the size/order of the stripes yourself?

Can't wait to see all of that baby panda(?)!

Kim said...

Yippee! Don't you love a finished project?

editrix said...

Nerd alert: IA was the first thing I thought of when I saw the name of your pattern!

Kim said...

You've been tagged! See my blog.

MéLisa said...

Hey good job on the scarf! Doesn’t it feels so good when you are able to complete a project?

I will be “looking” forward to seeing that WIP finished! ;)

laeroport said...

Nice scarf - and I like your other photo attempts although you're right, the manequin is a bit creepy.
And YEA!!!!! You're working on baby panda!!! Love that "cute" survival factor.