Wednesday, January 17, 2007

A Very Nice Day, Indeed...

A lunch date, a makeover, and a package - oh my!

Wow - it's just been like the good karma show around here lately...
Well, except for the part where I'm freezing my peaches off!*

Freezy cold weather aside, today has just rocked!

For starters, I learned something today: why learn to use makeup, when you can learn to use Photoshop????

Legally Blonde... Voila!

Seriously - I was the recipient of a virtual makeover, courtesy of Jen of the Piddleloop Sewing Team. (She's is the one who made the little goldfish pouch that I am simply ga-ga over. Seems that Jen's mad skillz aren't just limited to sewing - she took pity on my poor little Wednesday Addams dark circles and spruced me up.
Big time.

(Seems to me that I once read somewhere that Cindy Crawford once said that not even she wakes up looking like Cindy Crawford. I could get addicted to having all my images heavily retouched!)

The second nice thing today also allowed me to cross something off my list of intentions... Item # 4 "Meet another blogger face-to-face".

The salon where Amy from "3ToGetReady" gets her hair cut is literally right around the corner from my house - so she stopped by today after her haircut (and she looks fabulous, btw!) with one of her cute-as-a-button kids in tow - and the three of us went out to lunch.

They introduced me to a restaurant, right here in the hood, which I had never been to before and which I thoroughly enjoyed (best BLT ever, perhaps???)

But even better than the food was the company (and that really is saying something, because I'm telling you, that sammich was g-o-o-d!) YoungMissHattie was a such a sweetheart, and her good restaurant manners were a joy to watch. And Amy and I just got on like a house a-fire!

I had worried just a wee tiny bit - 'cause I'm a worrier like that - that it might be kind of awkward. There is sort of a strange "meeting a blind date" element to it all. But my fears were for nothing - Amy is every bit as charming and witty and fun as she seems from her blog, and the time went by far too quickly. My only regret was that we didn't get a chance to visit Knitch , but I am just hoping that means we'll have an excuse to get together after a future haircut visit!

I was somewhat restrained, and didn't pull out my camera and take a gazillion pictures - I didn't want to seem all stalkery, you know, what with it being a first date and all. But I do have a picture of the adorable tiny sweater she gave me! I just love this, and marvel that she's not all crosseyed from all the teeny tiny stitches!!!

Teeny Tiny Sweater...

But the icing on top of my cupcake of a day was discovered when I tripped over a big box on the porch as I was waving "bye" to my delightful lunch companions... Seems the mail had been delivered...

Hello new kitchen timer! Goodbye old kitchen timer!

New Kitchen Timer Old Kitchen Timer

The old kitchen timer bears a striking resemblance to a microwave, doesn't it? I can see how you might think that. It did indeed used to be a microwave.
Until it broke in November.
Of 2005.

Now I know that most people would have gotten a new microwave right away - but I wanted to see if I really missed it that much. Plus, the holidays were coming up and I didn't want to spend money if I didn't need to.
After a few weeks, I realized that I didn't miss the microwave at all, so decided not to get a new one.

So why is the old, dead microwave still sitting on the counter? Easy - it's the only working kitchen timer in the house...

I've been looking for a good kitchen timer for a year now, and have found fault with every single one. Then I spied this little beauty in one of Jess Hutch's photos, and I was instantly smitten.
Some sleuthing, an order at, and 10 days later, I've got my own version... I hope it works half as nicely as it looks, but on looks alone - isn't it a beauty? Preliminary tests show that it seems to work nicely enough, but I guess only time will tell...
Even its name is cute - it's called the Two-Timer!

So - now I just have to figure out what to do with an old, dead microwave...**

*Many thanks go out to to MeLisa, who taught me that phrase. It's cracking me up...

**I know y'all must think that I make up these stories about just how inept I am around the house. And I will admit that stuff does seem to break a lot around here. But, all kidding aside, I don't embellish these stories. Sadly, I am truly this hopeless in the art of keeping a home.


autum said...

What a great day you've had!
I would be so lost without my microwave, but that is a really cool timer.
I thought you were beautiful before the touch up but that's pretty amazing what can be done with photoshop. If you had only posted the retouched picture I would never have been able to tell it had been doctored.
We're supposed to be getting that freezing weather up this way over night. I'll be putting an extra layer on the peaches.

jen said...

heh heh just you wwait til i cut you out. Once i get a clipping path of you i can put you anywhere. muwahahaha

yes i probably have more badass photoshop skillz than i do sewing skills...but hey. I'm a girl who doesn't know what the hell to do with makeup either.

don't freeze to death down there.
altho i live in the land of tundra right now!

glad you enjoyed the picture
glad my mad skillz could be of service for something other than layout and typesetting.

laeroport said...

All the models are doing the photoshop thing. And here's some scary proof:

And "only time will tell"! Ha! You're crackin' me up!

bekka said...

darnit! i wanted to be the first blogger you met in real life!

MéLisa said...

No no I wanted to be the first one Bekka! Alas, seeing as I must be about….oh say….900 miles away I didn’t have much of a chance. Oh well!

Love the new timer, I am really warming up to all things stainless & retro lately. I am not sure what has come over me.

Keep the peaches warm! ;)

By the way our modem at home got fired in the power outage so I will be a bit getting back to your e-mail.

normanack said...

Your blog always cracks me up -- you are one witty chick!

Love the microwave timer. We have a microwave dish cabinet. The built-in microwave over the stove was dead when we moved in, so I use it to store (what else) microwave casserole dishes. But its timer says "RESET" because we can't figure out how to change it.