Thursday, January 11, 2007

You Say You Want A Resolution*...

My friend, The Caretaker, calls them intentions... I like that.

"Intentions" sound less threatening, far more achievable than "resolutions."

Also, doesn't it sound like a resolution would demand a nice quantifiable result? And the big things I aspire to in this New Year are not going to be tidily measurable.**

So - here are my intentions for 2007.

(You'll notice that neither "stop procrastinating" nor "stop over-thinking things" made the list...)

It looks like the word for the year is going to be: be

I want to be more creative; I want to be more of a participant in life, rather than an observer; I want to be more present for the people that I love (that I sometimes take for granted.)

In addition to being - this year I would like to:
  • Make something of my own design

  • Make something for myself

  • Actually list an item for sale in my poor, empty etsy shop

  • Meet another blogger face-to-face

  • Write a will
    This is just inexcusable that it's never been done....

  • Learn enough crochet to crochet in the round and make an amigurumi critter

  • Simplify and declutter
    This one is measurable, and I've been hard at work on an Excel spreadsheet typing up the list of all that needs to be done. But I figure that no-one (including me!) really wants to see a spreadsheet that says things like: dining room dresser - clean top drawer. dining room dresser - clean out second drawer... Sadly, if I don't make things that detailed, then it won't get done!

So that's it - the game plan for a happy 2007.
Won't you come along for the ride????

*Sorry about that... Sometimes I just can't stop myself...

Sorry, Bekka, I can't help that either... I'm just an accountability whore...


Kim said...

I think that Ali Edward's has started a revolution with that "word of your year" idea. Its amazing how many people have posted on her blog, and on others, what their word is.

I really like the concept...its like a gentle nudge in the direction that you want to be going. It just pops into your mind here & there & you find that you are following it....

autum said...

A very nice, very achievable list of "intentions."
I didn't know you had an etsy shop. Get that thing stocked! You have fans out here waiting at your door. I love the banner by the way!
Hey, I'd love to meet a blogger face to face too. Let's meet! Let's have a big ole east coast bloggers party. I nominate you to organize it Miss Spread Sheet.
As talented as you are knitting, I have no doubt you will be making amigurumi critters in no time. I did good just to spell it(I had to look back three times to type it in this comment).
Here's to a year of "being"

bekka said...

amigurumi critters!? i want to make one, too. did you see the crocheted fortune cookie? it seems like all the cutest things are crocheted instead of knitted.

i like your excel file list idea. i might find that level of documentation off-putting. i'd see the list and swoon, "there's too much to do...." and then do nothing.

great intentions, though!

MéLisa said...

Good list. I like that idea of intentions. You are such a great knitter I am sure that you will have no problem with crocheting. OGM! Then you can crochet yourself one of those crazy sock monkey dresses! Ugh! ;)

I have to say though you get around huh? First Vanilla Whore, Now Accountability Whore... Aren’t you afraid people might talk?

capello said...

we-ell, you know...we all want to change the wo-orld...

3 to get ready said...

Hey - sign me up for that East coast bloggers party!

Overall your intentions sound great. (And even manageable, which is 95% of the battle.)

Here's to the new year!

beki said...

Your list is definitely do-able. Ya know, sometimes when I'm really unmotivated I make lists broken down into every little minute detail like 1)sew left seam 2) sew right seam. Hey, whatever works!

I especially like your goal of meeting a fellow blogger face to face. I should add that to my list.

Katkat said...

Woman full that esty shop! I will buy!!! And I like your list of intentions. To be honest I have even started thinking about mine yet.

Sarah and Jack said...

"Make something for yourself," Interesting how that always gets pushed to the end of everyone's list.