Sunday, June 11, 2006

Stupidly Happy...

or at least, stupidly content!

The summer days are beginning to fall into a nice little rhythm.
During the week, Schecky has swim lessons at 9:30 in the morning, which ensures that we are up and out of the house nice and early. After his lesson, we've been hanging out at the pool, swimming and sunning until about lunchtime. We come home, have some lunch, and then the afternoon is free for either errands or fun stuff.
It's not exciting, I'll grant you that, but this girl could get used to it.

The only downside is that spending all morning in the sun and the water makes me sleepy. Really, really sleepy....
Around 4:30 in the afternoon, I'm ready to eat some dinner and then turn in for the evening! (won't I make an excellent Senior Citizen? I used to wonder if anyone really ever ate at those "Early Bird Special" restaurants - now I'm ready to begin the queue!)*
Bubba is headed out of town on Monday for the week, and on one hand we'll really miss him. On the other, I'm thinking "Wow. We really can eat dinner at 4:30 if we want to!"

The only other downside of the new schedule, and running out of steam by early evening, is that my knitting is suffering. I am typically an evening knitter - I get Schecky put down for bed and then I sit and knit and watch TiVo for a while. Lately, it's been put Schecky to sleep, and be asleep myself within 15 minutes!
Both my knitting needles and my TiVo are cross with me....

Aside from the new, slower routine, here are a few things that have me feeling pretty good about life in general....

  • Cars - it's wonderful. it's brilliant. I loved it. You should go. All of you. Sooner, rather than later. I laughed, and yes, I actually cried (with happiness, which I rarely ever do). Why are you still here reading this? Off to the movies, shoo!
    Plus, I saw the trailer for the next Pixar movie, Ratatouille, which looks really good. Although, maybe that's a bad sign. I remember not being very excited upon seeing the trailer for "Finding Nemo". And I remember declaring that "The Incredibles" looked dumb. And, once again I must confess that even though I knew "Cars" would probably be OK, that there was absolutely nothing in the trailer that made me want to go see it... So maybe being intrigued by the trailer is a bad sign????

  • Cartoon Network is adding PeeWee's Playhouse to the summer Adult Swim line up.
    You've got 'til July 10th to figure out how to program your TiVo/VCR/DVR to record these for you. They're just fab. (and if that's not enough incentive, just think - you can catch Lawrence Fishburne back in the days when he was Larry Fishburne, and was portraying Cowboy Curtis...)

  • Books, books, books - I've been reading a lot, and have read a couple of duds, but I ought to have something good to recommend on Wednesday. Watch this space...

  • Found a new restaurant, fairly convenient to the house, which serves my two favorite cuisines (Thai and Vietnamese). It's called Saigon Cafe, and it is really quite enjoyable. It's not the absolute best Vietnamese food I've ever had, but it is quite good, very reasonably priced (because the best Vietnamese restaurant is jaw-droppingly amazing, but it's also really pricey - but worth every penny) and, as I already mentioned, geographically desirable. It'll be great for those times when I am craving Vietnamese food, but don't want to drop $20+ per person....

  • Time with friends.
    I've had a few opportunities to just kick back, and visit and talk with some friends lately. Which doesn't seem like such a huge deal, right? People do that all the time, right?
    Well, honestly, I haven't done that much - seems like I am always too busy, too on the go-go-Go! It has been nicer than words can describe to just have the time to sit back and enjoy the company of other people - both friends and family, alike.

Wow - did I just do my own little "Gratitude Friday" (two days late)???

*Now are you beginning to see why the recent NIN concert was such an out-of-body experience for me? And did I not warn you that we'd return to my regularly scheduled life soon???


capello said...

Sounds like you just did do a Gratitude Friday two days late... oh well!

How could you NOT like all of the pixar films. I lourve me some pixar films, we have all of them (and I think all the shorts too).

Can't wait to take the boys to see Cars, I'm not sure I can hold out for Aaron to get home or not. But it took them damn long enough -- it was suppose to be released Thanksgiving 2005.

blair said...

Thanks for your info on "cars", I was planning on taking the kids this week, glad to hear its good. If I could only knit in the dark, it would be absolute heaven for me!!