Friday, June 09, 2006


It's been a carnival ride around here since Wednesday night - just life on the go-go-go - so I'm a bit behind in my concert review.
Also - I'm struggling because I know that I am not going to be able to convey the fabulousity that was the NIN concert. OK, yes, I know...that came out strangely. Did I mention that I am not sure how to write about this?

First of all - the seats. We had box seats. Who knew? I certainly didn't. And with our box seats came our own personal waiter, Robert. Who was there to fetch us snacks or drinks and the like. Totally, totally surreal. I mean, this is a NINE INCH NAILS concert - and I'm living it up like I'm swank? Surreal is the only word for it.*
However, let me just say that the swanks know how to live. I am sure that I have never had such good seats to any sort of show, or a clearer, more unobstructed view of the stage - and I pretty sure that it will never happen again in my lifetime!

The show itself was amazing -just jaw-droppingly amazing. One of my undergrad degrees is in the Theatre Arts, and I was always fascinated with lighting design. The light show was amazing. Ummm - just how many "amazings" am I up to????

Also amazing was the transformation which my boyfriend has undergone. I used to be smitten by the skinny, bendy, Goth looking Trent Reznor. He wore anguish well. And then, honestly, I kind of forgot about him. He only regained "boyfriend" status when I realized that I was going to go see him.


The man is beautiful. I am not sure that I would have realized that he was the same person. He's gone the Henry Rollins route with a crew cut and those amazing arms.... I'm usually not interested in any sort of muscle-y man, but for Henry and now Trent, I'll make exceptions.

The show was a good mix of new stuff (and Bubba bought me the CD a day or so in advance so that I would be hip) and older stuff. He touched on pretty much every album. He sounded fantastic.... Although my ears did not stop ringing until I woke up this morning. I was very quiet yesterday, because I could never be sure how loudly I was speaking....

A wonderful and memorable evening....

*There were several surreal moments for me at this show. I realized that at one point, I was up, out of my seat dancing in the box... (and trust me, I usually hate the people who get up and dance and step all over you and block your view, really I do. But again, the beauty of the box seat! I wasn't stepping on anyone! I wasn't blocking anyone! But I digress....)

So I was up, and dancing, and, screaming along with "Closer" - a song which may have some of the more ummmm, non-Tipper Gore approved lyrics of all time. I started to link to it, but didn't want to offend anyone. If you're curious, just Google it...

And I had this sort of disconnect in the back of my mind. I had this moment where I thought "How is this possible? Who is this person? I mean, I'm supposed to be so average. I read, I knit, I clip coupons from the newspaper and I actually use them. I'm middle-aged (37), I'm a mom, and a (recovering) preschool teacher! How? ???" Then a competing little voice in the back of my head said "Shut up and dance". So I did.....

However, don't fret - I'm sure I'll be back to my knitting/reading/couponclipping ways all too soon here!


autum said...

Then a competing little voice in the back of my head said "Shut up and dance". So I did.....
I LOVE that! The only way this story could be any better is with pictures of your 37 year old, knitting, couponclipping, recovering ps teacher self out of your seat dancing!

capello said...

Um, I'd be REALLY CONCERNED if anyone didn't already know the lyrics to Closer.

But, you know, that's me.

And box seats? Even though I don't like NIN, I'm totally jealous.

bekka said...

oh no!

i forgot all about you and your fabulous NIN concert. box seats? a waiter called Robert? but when you beckoned to him for more (insert drink of choice here) did you use the french pronunciation of his name?

"Oh Robear?"

i had a similair disconnect last night. i went with friends to do karaoke. okay i went to watch and drink. and somehow they dragged me onto the dance floor. the whole time i was dancing i was so self-conscious and there was something going on in the back of my head.

no. wait.

it was in the front of my head and it was more along the lines of "how should i move my arms next?" i didn't want to repeat myself over and over and look like a robot dancer stuck in her loop.