Thursday, June 01, 2006

Because sometimes the only thing better than a doughnut.... a free doughnut.

This came in my email inbox - I guess it pays to be a friend of Krispy Kreme!
You may need to click the image above to see a bigger size and be able to read the print.

Have a very happy "Free Doughnut Day" tomorrow!


autum said...

How could you not be a friend of Krispy Kreme? That HOT DOUGHNUTS NOW sign is a road hazzard. It is a magnet to my car.

capello said...

Oh man. I miss Krispy Kreme.

Damn gluten.

bekka said...

okay, i ought to be a friend of KK, but here's the reason why I am not: we don't have a KK anymore. It was shut down a few years ago. Bad rating from the health department or something. but those things arte deep fried, are you telling me that something nasty survived the deep fryer?

the fact that i have to drive to Kingsport or Bristol for fresh made, not just-off-the-truck-and-placed-in-the-rack-at-the-convenience-store, KK doughnuts does not endear me to KK. And, then too, there's how all the "other" cities have suddenly discovered KK (okay, so that happened a few years back... but for arguement's sake...) and they have stores but I don't?

it just galls me. i doubt that my being a friend to KK would make them suddenly return to JC and set up shop again.

Anonymous said...

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