Saturday, May 06, 2006

Happy Free Comic Book Day!

May 6th is Free Comic Book day!

This event is exactly what it sounds like - free comics! This is a great opportunity for anyone who wonders "what all the fuss is about comics" or for anyone who has children - 'cuz kids love comics!

You can find a store in your area that is participating in this event by entering your zip code at the Free Comic Book Day 2006 website.

There are a few rules - you can't just walk in and take any old book you want; stores have selected books that are available as part of this promotion. Some stores have a limit on how many books you can have; however, I personally endorse a "Speed Limit: Two" policy.
Of course, I'm lucky enough to live in an area with a whole slew of shops, so I can take Schecky to more than one if there are multiple books that we just have to have.

I'm thrilled, because one of the participating authors is Andy Runton, author of Owly.
And you know just how much I love Owly....

*Sorry to have been so quiet as of late, I'll be back later this weekend with a few miscellaneous nibbly bits to share - but I wanted to spread the word about FCBD so that you can join in the fun!


capello said...

I've neve been much into comic books, but Griffin has a Star Wars sticker book that he profusely proclaims "This is my favorite comic book!".

So, if you have any suggestions for a comic book for a 4-year old, I'm completely open.

LLA said...

Owly would be totally appropriate. And - it has no words, so he can "read" it to you....