Wednesday, May 03, 2006

Good Color Day -

May is too darn busy - and if I get more than 2.3 minutes to sit down in front of the computer, I'll tell you all about it sometime!

In the meantime - I need to sing the praises of a couple of people:

Jessica at Salon Red - she keeps me blonde* and today she was on fire. My hair only ever hangs this straight/looks this shiny once she's done with it. But I'm so happy with my new highlights, that I thought I'd share.

The nice people at - On Monday afternoon, I found myself in a situation. I was out of Oatmeal-colored wool and I've got 3 little bears who still need ears! (and maybe limbs. Depends on how pressed for time I get!)
I called the three yarn stores in my area which carry this particular yarn, but no avail. No one had it. At the last store I spoke with, the yarn lady told me to try, but to not tell her boss that she told me that. Seems she's been recommending it to too many customers, and her store's customers are defecting.

I went to the website, and saw that they had the yarn - but wasn't sure how long it would take to ship it to me. I really need it by the weekend, as I am planning an all ears/arms/legs knitting extravaganza. I noticed that their phone number was prominently displayed on a banner on their site. So I decided to call.

The phone was answered immediately, by a human being - and a lovely one at that. She was personable and helpful, and even went back into their storehouse area to see if she could match my dye lot. She found my yarn and said she could get it to me by the weekend. I said great, and gave her a credit card number. She then said that she'd go grab my yarn personally and get it out ASAP.

That was Monday afternoon. Guess what showed up before lunch today? The nice people at rock!

I am all for supporting your local yarn shop, whenever possible. But if you need an Internet alternative - my experience with was a great one...

*no easy task.


autum said...

Nothing better than some "natural" blond. Even if you do have to pay for it ;) That sure is some shiny hair you're rockin' today.

Editrix said...

Purty -- I have hair envy!

capello said...

Oh, pretty hair! Pretty hair!

Me thinks I need some highlights as well...