Wednesday, May 17, 2006

At last....

...the little bear army is finished!*
(and they all have limbs!)

From left to right, they are:
  • A is for Ava
  • B is for Bo
  • F is for Frankie
  • O is for Oliver
  • N is for Naomi

I modified the Jess Hutch pattern in a few teeny ways - the limbs are a little shorter, and I didn't do the increases for more hand/foot definition. Also - I gave everyone long sleeves. As if long sleeves are going to compensate for the fact that they are not wearing pants.**

I did some experimenting, too. Different ear placements, different arm placements... You can really see this if you look at the arms of F, O, and N!
I just wanted to try a few things and working in bulk really gave me the ability to compare and contrast.

Also, everyone has a very different expression (which doesn't really show in this photo) which I tried to match to the personality of the child. Oliver is very solemn and doesn't talk much. Naomi is so very outgoing and engaging...
I do hope that everyone will love their bear.

*and the picture quality is dubious. It's icky and rainy and the light is bad today.
Hopefully, I'll be able to get a better shot or two before I have to give them all away tomorrow...
I was just so pleased to have them done, and I wanted to share!

**I'm not sure what it is with me and the pantsless bears. I just like them this way... Besides - Pooh, Yogi, BooBoo - none of the greats wear pants....


autum said...

I noticed the different expressions right away. They are all very sweet. I always wear long sleeves when I go pantless.

The Caretaker said...

I seriously must commission a "J" bear when you have time. I hope I'm on your waiting list.
: )

samantha said...

I really like all the bears, and like the no pants look too. When I made one of Jess' kitties I had to do no pants too!

capello said...

The bears are adorable.

And bears don't need pants -- they'd just poo in them and that would be icky.