Friday, April 14, 2006

How is this even possible....

I had high hopes for this evening - a lazy night curled up on the couch with some DVDs* I picked up earlier in the week. ('cause it's not like I spent all morning going to the movies or anything....)
Maybe even falling asleep on the couch, that's always fun. I love falling asleep on the couch...

However, I wasn't taking into account that there's a Braves game on tonight, and Bubba called dibs on the set.

So - a change of plans, no problem.

I sit down in front of the computer, put on my earphones, and get to work on balancing the checkbook. (and sneaking a few peeks at blogs!)

Funny thing is that when I get to working on a task, I kind of lose track of time, and to a lesser degree, my surroundings. So I just came up for air - everything balanced, yay! - and realized that I had just listened to the same song, Tear You Apart by She Wants Revenge, TWENTY SIX TIMES in a row.

How is that even possible? Seems that I had it set to repeat, and it did. And not only did I not notice until I happened to see the playcount, but I'm still not sick of the song yet.

I repeat, how is this even possible???

*Melinda & Melinda and Eternal Sunshine of the Spotless Mind


The Caretaker said...

WOW - nice album cover.
: )

The Caretaker said...

Oh! I like them. I had no idea what their name was.