Friday, March 31, 2006

Wanna Play Along???*

The directions read:
Get your iPod. Put it on shuffle. Press play. Write down the first 10 songs that pop up. Even if they're embarrassing...

OK, here I go - as I am heading out the door, these are the 10 songs that are going to accompany me to the airport:
  • Walking in your Footsteps - the Police
  • Lovesick Blues - Hank Williams
  • Born in the USA - Springsteen
  • South Ferry Road - The Hooters
  • Territorial Pissings - Nirvana
  • Ant Music - Adam & the Ants
  • Rock Your Socks - Tenacious D
  • Human Touch - Rick Springfield
  • It's All I Can Do - The Cars
  • F.U.N. Song - SpongeBob Square Pants

Yay! This seems like a very promising start to our trip......
*I know, I know - on one hand, this seems like a pretty weak post. But know that I have really enjoyed reading other people's Shuffle lists - and would love to read yours!

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