Tuesday, February 07, 2006

Expository Writing Tastes Good

So - Scheck and his class are learning about expository writing. (Go ahead, feel free to look it up.... I had to!)

For his assignment, he had to pick out a recipe, write it down for the class, and turn it in. Then, a few days later, he had to actually prepare his recipe and bring it in to share with the class.

He decided on Magic Cookie Bars. NOTE: This is not the exact recipe that he used, but I'm feeling too darn lazy to type "our" recipe and this one is close enough.
Also, in case you were wondering, it takes seven times longer than usual to prepare Magic Cookie Bars if you are a seven-year-old boy.

So we made the Magic Cookie Bars this afternoon, and tomorrow his class is hosting a "Coffee Break" - pretty sophisticated for a bunch of second graders, hmmm? They share their recipe with the class, tell how they made it, and then there is an additional surprise. Parents are invited, so I guess I'll learn what the surprise is then, 'cause Scheck's not telling....

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