Monday, January 30, 2006


Today has been filled with the kind of things you have to do to keep home and hearth running.

• Went to the Y. (yawn. groan)

• Went to Publix (double yawn - although I did manage to redeem $19.50 in coupons! WooHoo! Not for nothing am I the cheapest woman in America....)

• Did Laundry.
• Did Laundry.
• Did MORE Laundry.... (dear God, will it never end???)

Hopefully, later on tonight there will be time to do something more fun. Although, I must say that my main fun creative projects are kind of at a standstill right now...

In an attempt to rekindle the creative flow, I was lucky enough to purchase a copy of Jess Hutchison's wonderful booklet, Unusual Toys for You to Knit and Enjoy. I began by attempting to make Squarey. First of all, he is the one the Scheck picked out of the book as the one that he really, really wanted to have. Personally, I was thrilled. I mean, look at the guy - he's a big square! Seemed like a good way to get my knitting skills back up to par. He was pretty fun and easy to knit up - I've got all of his pieces made - but I am waiting for both his pillow insert, and his eyes (both of which I ordered online) to arrive in the mail so I can put him together.

While waiting for the stuff to come in, I started working on Henry. He's been somewhat more challenging - what with increasing and decreasing and the little double point needles and all - but he's still been fun. However, I've gotten to the point where I need his eyes now, so am at a standstill on him, too....

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