Friday, May 16, 2008

In Which LLA Does A Sally Field Impersonation, and Has A Startling Confession To Make...

You like me!
You really like me!

I know, I know... I'm a silly pup.

But that's how I've been feeling all week, just basking in the love.
Seriously, have I ever written *anything* that has received 21 comments?
Much less 21 such nice ones???

I hope it is not too sad a comment on the state of my life that I've been just a little more smiley than usual this week, a state that I attribute largely just to the satisfaction of "being back" and all the niceness that has entailed.

And speaking of "you like me!" - I must like you all an awful lot, too.
Know why I say that???










Now, that could just be a sign of what a moron I am, or further documentation of my OCD, or proof that I like *you*, too.
The latter is by far the nicest explanation, so I'm choosing to go with that one.

Yup - I had somewhere in the ballpark of 2,800+ unread posts. And in this past week, I've read or scanned each and every one.

Funnily enough, you know what the hardest part was? Keeping comments to a minimum. I figured that you didn't want to be hit with a random comment on how cute something was three weeks ago, so I tried to be quiet (and mostly succeeded) But I was there. I looked over every word*.

And that's a sign of love and devotion, right?


Good - keep that in mind.

Because I'm done with the "Sally Field" part of this post. And on to the (perhaps) shocking confession part.

Ummmm... while I was gone from the blogiverse, I wasn't exactly gone from 'teh internets.' Not exactly.

And in doing so. I may have, kind of, sort of, ummmm (cheated on you???)

I blame peer pressure.

For months, I had been getting a lot of peer pressure from college friends to "join FaceBook!" "Join FaceBook!" "You got to join FaceBook" etc. etc. etc.

And finally, I caved.
Mainly just to quit getting harassed about not being on FaceBook.
(I guess if enough Sewanee folks bugged me to jump off a cliff, I'd eventually give in and do that, too...)

So I joined.
And, to my surprise, I kind of liked it.
Not nearly so much as I like y'all, it goes without saying.
But I did find some things there that just worked for me.

First off, I have been reading a lot lately. Even more so than usual. And FaceBook has this handy dandy BookShelf thing that I'm really enjoying. It lets me catalog what I've read and what I'm currently reading; it lets me see what my friends are reading; and it makes surprisingly good suggestions about what I should read next.

The other thing that I found that I liked about FaceBook was the ability to post my "status" - just a brief one line statement about what was going on with me.
I found that when I was not able to full-on blog, it was very satisfying to come up with my sentence for the day, and to get caught up with my friends by reading their one sentence.

Some days composing that single sentence was the most creative thing I had time to do! (I had hoped that that exercise might have made me a more thoughtful, more concise writer, but in proofreading this post, I can see that is not the case!)

So. There it was. The Startling Confession of my temporary defection. Hope you can forgive me. Or better yet? Maybe check it out for yourself??? Because I'm telling you, on really busy days??? It's like the CliffNotes version of what is going on with all your friends...

*I also got caught up on my email, too! But that was a total cheat. I just took everything pre-May and moved it to a folder called "Sort Through Later?" Except I never will... So if you sent me anything that needed a response prior to this month? Resend it??? But I had messages from last August that I kept holding on to in order to respond "someday" - and even I recognize the ridiculousness in that!


megan said...

Ah, Facebook. I might have time to post a blog entry if I didn't spend so much time on Facebook. Really, what did people do with all their time before the internet?

normanack said...

Oh! you're such a cutie! :-)

Gotta Knit! said...



I thought that was where high school and college kids hung out.


Really? Facebook?

Big Pissy said...

I was "lured" onto Facebook myself. ;-)

Renee said...

I love your picture! And your whole facebook thing. You're so hip!

Rebecca said...

hahahaha. D thinks that facebook is where high schoolers hang out. nope, that's myspace, for sure. but surely, they hang out everywhere.

so i really really thought your Sally Field moment was going to involve the Bandit. Not that you'd start chanting "east bound and down, loaded up and trucking, we're gonna do what they say can't be done. we've got a long way to go..."

you get the picture, i'm sure.

Anonymous said...

I just added you as a facebook friend, but it will probably be a month before I get on there again and see that you added me back.

I'm wasting my book time on Goodreads.

African Kelli said...

Yep, it really is that great to have you back!

Thimbleanna said...

OhMyGosh. I come back to find out you've been sluttin' around. Well, the important thing is that you've come back to us, as all good girls do. {Snort} I can't possibly imagine having enough time for facebook -- I joined Ravelry and keep forgetting to check it. I'd really like to be on facebook though, if for nothing else just to check on my heathen children. Sho' is good to have you back posting again!

Chara Michele said...

Can you let me in on the secret to catching up on your bloglines? Because I sure can't seem to catch up :)

Wendy said...

I've got over 1000 posts to go through on my Reader. How long did it take you to get through yours? And how on earth did you do it?

And my man just joined Facebook. He likes the one line updates too, much easier than a blog post.

Oh yah, personally, I love getting comments on anything I've posted, even old stuff. I don't think you needed to hold back.

Gina said...

hee...heee...I loved how honest your post was.

Thimbleanna said...

Did you get lost over on facebook again? Am I going to have to send one of my kids over there to route you out???

Samantha said...

I love the Bookshelf feature on Facebook, it's a bit addictive!