Friday, March 14, 2008

Yop, Part II

Because Part One was just so interesting...

Another thing that I was doing in February instead of blogging??

Kicking the Diet Coke habit.

Which might not sound like such a big deal to the average bear, but trust me - this was a big freaking deal.

Long story short: I'd become a junkie. I was drinking way too much Diet Coke, all day long. I'm not even sure what my daily intake was, but conservatively? 4 or 5 cans a day. Maybe even 6+. And that's got to be a sure sign of addiction right there, doesn't it? Not keeping track???

Anyhow - one morning I woke up, mindlessly went to the fridge for the first Diet Coke of the day. And as I opened the door to reach inside, I thought "No. You don't really want that..." and I shut the door.

Not sure where that voice came from, or what it was all about. But that was all she wrote. I didn't drink that Diet Coke, nor any subsequent Diet Cokes. And that was 3 weeks ago on Monday...

And how do I feel about this decision? Pretty good. I think I just got tired of being a junkie (after all, it's so passe...)

How did my body respond?
Dude - that part sucked big time. I had a few days of just killer headaches - think brain freeze that lasts all day. Plus, had nice bouts of nausea and was insanely cranky. (yes - even more than usual!)

Then I got sick for real a few days later - had a raging fever, was miserable, and had to cancel an exceptionally rare date night with Bubba. We had a baby-sitter and everything. I'm still mourning that loss.

Oh - and let's not talk about my skin... Within a week of that last Diet Coke, my face had broken out like *never* before. We're talking cystic acne, and that is so not pretty. (shudder)

Ironic, isn't it? Seems like eliminating that much artificial crap from my diet would have been a good thing. Instead, it seemed that Diet Coke was the only thing keeping me healthy. And acne free.


I'm still off the stuff, though. I figure in the long run, it's for the greater good. But if my face doesn't clear up soon? I'm drinking a couple of 2-liter bottles worth - just for the good of my complexion!!!


Autum said...

Oh sister, cold turkey? Bless your heart! And your head and skin. I'm sure you will be much better off in the long run. I heard about a study that found drinking diet sodas doesn't really contribute to weight loss- in fact it could cause weight gain.

rohanknitter said...

Oy! I have been trying to limit/eliminate the diet coke too. Maybe there should be a support group! Sometimes I just CRAVE that stuff! Scary. I'm trying to stop drinking that and drink more water - like Autum, I've read it can actually deter weight loss and I don't need that!

alice said...

Cold turkey is powerful stuff. You are an inspiration with all the red X's and kicking habits! That is a lot achieved already in the year, especially seeing as it is only the start of March.

Gotta Knit! said...

Cold turkey with that much caffeine? Makes my head hurt just thinking of it. Wise decision to stop drinking colored chemical water.

capello said...

man, i've kicked the pepsi habit and it's tough, yo.

AND my face is breaking out too. crap.i never though the acid in the pop was helping me to keep clear.

Rebecca said...

for the good of your complexion? HAHAHHHAHAHAA. good luck i wish ian could quit his DC habit, but it's not gonna happen. he's way into collection bottle tops and entering his coke points daily. there's a ten cap maximum that you can enter he's got lots in waiting. but part of it is that he totally scavenges those things when he's walking the tracks when the train stops. and then a few people at my work who know he collects them leave them on my desk each day.

Jodi said...

Hi, my name is Jodi and I am a Diet Coke addict too. I've given it up before, but am currently "on" the stuff. Good for you!