Thursday, October 18, 2007

In Which Thing Two Gets Ready For Halloween*...

Thing Two, originally uploaded by lla.

How nice is this? This is my cat, ThingTwo, covered in cobwebs.

And no, I didn't do this to him. He just showed up on the couch looking like this.

And yes, I *am* freaked out.
Seeing as how he's an indoor cat and all.
(Do you now see why I was soliciting housekeeping tips earlier a while back?)
(Maybe he's been hanging out in the basement with the possum?)

It's all fun and squalor here at the House That Crazy Built, I'm telling you...

So - now you know why it's been so quiet around here lately - I've been busy picking cobweb off my cat.

OK - that's not really why it's been so quiet around here.

It's more like I have found myself in a phase where I can either do what I need to do in "real life" *or* I can have fun on the computer. But I can't seem to manage both. So, the computer has fallen by the wayside a bit. :(
(and yes, I just resorted to putting a frowny at the end of that sentence. I actually tried to come up with words to express how I feel about my not having any time for computer fun, but the frowny summed it up best.)

I'm looking forward to feeling like I've got my head back above water - I'm so far behind on my blog reading, and there are a lot of people that I'm missing bunches! I'm actually kind of hoping that the fact that I found 10 minutes to post this is a positive sign - maybe I'll be fully back before you know it...

In the meantime, it's back to TCB.
And cobweb removal.

*He may be the only thing around here that looks like it's ready for Halloween... As I was headed down to the basement to start dragging out the boxes - yes, you read that right... boxES, plural - of Halloween crud that I use to gussy up the place, Shecky stopped me. He asked no, he *begged* me not to put up all the lights, bats, pumpkins, etc. that I usually use to festoon the house. "Please," he said, "can't we have a normal house just one year?"

How sad is it that at *NINE* - my kid no longer thinks that decorating ala Clark Griswold is cool.
And that at my advanced age, I still do...


laeroport said...

Ah, you make me giggle. Hurry back, friend. Hurry back.

Renee said...

Hey, I just realized I have one really great thing to be thankful for. A white cat; that way I don't notice the cobwebs so much!

Sarah and Jack said...

I would seriously cry in my cheerios if Jack didn't want to decorate the house. (And then I would go ahead and do it anyway, loving mother that I am. LOL)

Hockey Mom said...

No worries about the cat - he's just helping!

And, my husband dearly loves to decorate the house every year. If that were to change, I think a rest home would be in order.

Take your time, we're here.

Misty said...

LOL. It's amazing he allowed it... Cats are so particular... He is quite seasonally festive though.
And I personally thinking picking cobwebs off your feline friend is a lovely reason/excuse for ANYTHING!

rohanknitter said...

You mean I should give up having fun on the computer and do what I'm supposed to? Won't that mess up the fun and squalor?? ; )
It cracks me up that Shecky is begging for you to tone down the decorations. Hmmm, I am seriously lacking in bats around here - maybe we need a bat garland?
Glad to see you checking in!

Autum said...

I think Thing Two has been to my house! He does look very festive though, don't you think?

capello said...

dude, two words: LINT ROLLER.

Big Pissy said...


We're supposed to ignore the computer for real life?!?!?!

That is SO funny that Shecky doesn't want decorations and you do!

I say "decorate your ass off!" LOL

beki said...

What? No decorations? Aww, man!

I think Thing 2 has been at my house...there's some scary stuff under my bed.

Rebecca said...

a normal house? oh poo! your cat exhibits all the signs of fast friendships with opossums. you ought to step in and nip that in the bud!

Chara Michele said...

Oh my! I would be a bit freaked out if one of my cats showed up on the couch like that too! :)