Friday, September 14, 2007

When Cookie Met Pissy... (how's that for a title?)

Today I had the privilege of meeting the legendary (infamous?) “Big Pissy” from The Southern Circle of Hell.

And it was a rocking good time…

Those of you who already read Pissy’s blog already know how fabulous she is – so cute, so put together, and above all else, so funny.
(And those of you who aren’t reading it yet, what are you waiting for? Go read! Scoot!)

So imagine my delight at getting to discover firsthand that she's exactly like that in real life.
Oh my word – we giggled and chatted up a storm.

And. we. walked.
My, my, my – how we walked. I’m not sure that we left a square inch of Decatur uncovered.
My glutes will be feeling it tomorrow.
(OK, I made that last part up. I’m not even entirely sure where my “glutes” are. Let’s just say we walked a lot and I should be feeling it somewhere tomorrow…)

Unlike my meet-ups with the other fabulous bloggers I've been privilged enough to meet – I actually remembered to bring along a camera.

Although... while I may have remembered the camera, I forgot that I am one of the most un-photogenic grrrls on the planet.
(It’s a fact, I’m just sayin’. No, seriously - I’ve had actual PROFESSIONAL photographers comment on the fact that I take some seriously funny-looking pictures. And not funny-in-a-good-way, either…)

And the picture that I shot of the two of us, from the arm-stretched-way-out position? I think it ranks right up there with the “Top 5 Worst Pictures of Me EVER.” So, I guess that’s one no one will ever get to see…

I started to just crop me out, and show you Pissy, because she was still looking cute, even though we had just come in from our marathon – but since I didn’t give her a chance at “photo approval”, it hardly seemed sporting.
(Although, I should so totally do it anyway – since she initially stood me up**!!!!)

Here’s to finding a new walking buddy – Pissy, anytime you’re in town and in the mood to traipse all over creation? Give me a call…

*You know what? I've been really, really lucky in that I've gotten to meet so many amazing women via blogging this year.
Each and every one has been a genuine joy and just delightful. If you ever get a chance to meet a fellow blogger/craftygrrrl/etc - you should leap at the chance. I highly recommend it.

**It’s true!
It all got worked out in the end.
However, Bubba’s not going to let me forget this! He’d already been teasing me about “how many of the blog ladies want to meet you. Once.”
Oh, yeah – he’s not going to let to let me forget this anytime soon….


Big Pissy said...

Love love LOVE the title! LOL

....and as for meeting up with you again, what are you doing tomorrow evening?!?!? heh heh!

I had the BEST're so much fun! I didn't even notice how far we'd walked since we were talking the entire time! ;-)

Hockey Mom said...

Blogger hook-ups are the best! I work in Inman Park, we have a studio at the Blue Horse. We gotta do lunch some time.


Chara Michele said...

Sounds like a fun time:)

Debbie said...

Gluts = butt, fannie, buttocks, arse, etc.

When the heck are we gonna meet up woman?

Watch out for Hockey Mom! She is so fun she is addictive! Seriously, it's a wonder I didn't get in trouble for giggling so much when we took a Leigh Radford class.

Wordsmiths Books said...

i hear tell that you guys came through wordsmiths. you should say hi next time. :)

Rebecca said...

gosh dern it! i can't believe that fancy new camera of yours didn't make a lovely photo ya'll!