Friday, July 27, 2007


Pal's - quite possibly one of my favorite restaurants in the world...

OK - this photo has virtually nothing to do with this blog post.
It just makes me happy - and since I'm in a celebratory mood... I thought I'd share.

Why so celebratory? Two reasons, I guess...

1. Internet Access has been restored to the House That Crazy Built. And it only took 3 freaking weeks. I still have nothing nice to say about the FWs at my Internet Service provider, so the less I say, the better off we all are.
Suffice to say that the battles with Customer Service will begin in earnest. On Monday. Having dealt with Technical Support for hours a day, every day for the past weeks - I think I need a holiday. Rest assured, however, that I will be in touch with Customer Service on Monday, and I will let them know exactly how horrific this entire ordeal has been.
(Basically, my plan is to beat them like a pinata, and see how much, if any, free stuff falls out. And then, we're probably going to change ISPs anyway. Not particularly nice of us, I know - but believe me, they've earned our disrespect.)

2. It's another all-party, all-the-time weekend around here. Schecky's turning 9* on Sunday! WooHoo!

Oh - and of course I can't forget yet another thing that is making me blissfully happy - all the sweet comments and emails that I got whilst I was offline! Reading them all, even belatedly, brought a smile to my face, every one. Thank you so much for all the internet commiserations, and all the lovely, lovely birthday wishes!

The 39th birthday was quite low-key and not at all traumatic. I got to sleep late, got to eat Thai food, and read my Harry Potter book all day. Not particularly exciting-sounding, I know (Hey! Cut me some slack, I'm like old and stuff!) but it was just what I wanted.

I truly enjoyed the HP book. Don't worry, no spoilers here - but I will just say that I am in awe of the attention that J.K. Rowling employed while she crafted these books - and she does remind me that writing is a craft; her level of detail is truly masterful. And the way that she ties everything together, and never seems to forget a single thing, and is able to weave in loose ends from all the previous books? I'm just in awe... One very happy fan-grrrl here.

Anyway - it's nice to be back, and I'm working on getting all "caught up" on your emails and blogs... I really missed the blogosphere, and all my lovely friends here!

*NINE? Sweet Cracker Sandwich! When did that happen? Where did my baby go???


jen said...

man i forgot to say happy now belated b-day lala!

i suck. sorry about that.
Glad yer back in black girl.

now i want a burger.

autum said...

WooHoo!!!!! Cookie's back!!! I have really, really missed you.

Thimbleanna said...

Happy Birthday to little Schecky and Happy Belated Birthday to you!

3 to get ready said...

Ohmigosh! I was so excited to see you lit up in my blogroll!

Welcome back! Happy birthday to the Scheckster and a late happy birthday to you, too! Sounds like an ideal day, although I, too, am old. Not that there's anything wrong with that.

Debbie said...

sounds like a divine way to spend a birthday!

Christy said...

Happy Birthday Schecky!!!

My DS's birthday is Sunday too! He'll be 5 and this is his first BIG bday party. The party's tomorrow and I'm already exhausted. :]

Glad you had a nice, relaxing birthday and so happy you've returned to blogland. :)

capello said...

wha? nine? no! no!

oh, and mine? mine are totally not getting any older. ever. TOTALLY.

normanack said...

so happy for all the happinesses!
and the "beat them like a pinata" thing has me and DH laughing out loud!

TinkerBlue said...

Welcome back. Happy birthdays. Glad you enjoyed Harry Potter. JK Rowling can write, can't she. I heard an interview with her this morning, and she said, "I will probably never write another book as succesful as Harry has been. But I am okay with that."

Chara Michele said...

Welcome back!! :)

beki said...

Welcome back, Sweep Pea!! Oh, how I've missed you!!!

Rebecca said...

sounds like a great b-day. glad you go to spend it doing fun things for yourself. and super happy for you that your ISP struggles are over. welcome back, cookie!

Jodi said...

I enjoyed HP7 too. I didn't want it to end.