Thursday, March 29, 2007

Holy Itchy Eyes, Batman!

The pollen this year is crazy.
Absolutely and totally insane.
(It's bananas! B-A-N-A-N-A-S!)

Apparently, it's a combination of "no rain in forever" + "unseasonably high temperatures."

The radio this morning said the pollen count was going to be over 6,000. I knew that was high, but had no real concept of just how high.

Let me share with you just how high that is....

For starters, I had to go and get my car washed this morning.
I didn't want to do it since I knew there was just going to be more pollen. However, I had to as the pollen had become a safety hazard - I could not see out the side windows of my car!

This is my car - which was washed, I kid you not, less than an hour ago.


And just now as I was sitting here at the computer answering some email? I looked up and out the window. And was literally struck dumb...

For a brief second, I honestly thought that it was snowing. Except snow's not yellow.* I was having difficulty seeing the house that's right across the street.

I tried to take some pictures of the pollen in the air - but was having no luck. Any of you who have unsuccessfully tried to photograph falling snowflakes will empathize.

Instead, let me show you the street in front of my house:


That's oak tree crud. And it's falling in glops from the sky, and rolling down the street like bizarro tumbleweeds.


And the front porch. Which was swept clean just a few days ago. It's green, in case you were trying to figure it out.

Like I said, crazy.

My heart goes out to all the allergy sufferers. This has got to be murder. For the first dozen years that I lived here in Atlanta, I was the seasonal allergy queen. I imagine that this would have killed me. Oddly enough, I have finally acclimated to the oak/pine/misc. pollen that we have and aside from getting annoyed (and somewhat grossed out) by all the dust, it doesn't really affect me.

Ironically, I have horrible allergies anytime I go back up to Tennessee now...

*Feel free to insert your own "yellow snow" joke here....


William Conway said...

My beloved car is totally hosed thanks to the fine yellow menace. I'm going to go wash it this afternoon!

Sarah and Jack said...

We had that really bad when we lived in Florida too. Here in Missouri, we have a lot of pollen, but nothing like that oak stuff in Florida. Disgusting.

MéLisa said...

First off crazy lady did you know that you post the same post twice?

Auhhh Spring in the South! We would get that in FL too. We get it here in MI too but we tend to get rain more often & it knocks it down a little.

I have heard that your allergies change something like every 7 years. I was totally fine in FL even with all the mold & pollen but here in MI oh just kill me! I have been told that our little corner of “paradise” is one of the worst in the Midwest for allergies. LOVELY!!!!

jen said...

oh my. that is some pollen problem.

i wish there were bizarro tumbleweeds rolling down my street!

i can't say i've ever eaten a moon pie! I must try one.

Katkat said...

I have been in pain all week. And my son keeps saying "my eyes hurt."

Renee said...

We have that pretty bad too. I, also, am happy that I don't have allergies!

shizzknits said...

Wow, that's some crazy pollen! Bizarro tumbleweeds indeed! LOL

normanack said...

Wow -- I've never seen pollen that bad.

I always wait until the spring pollen goes down before washing my windows (well, in the odd year I manage to wash windows) because of the one time I washed them too soon -- before pollen.

African Kelli said...

Holy moly. I don't know how I'd handle that. I don't have allergies here, but something tells me that wouldn't apply there!

Kim said...

Ug. Here in the DC area, things are awful as well. I've been coughing up a storm.

Leah said...

All I can think now is "booger pollen"!!

At least as I look out my window right now its.... RAINING! Yay! :)

Rhonda said...

Those pictures look as if they could've been taken here in Tampa. It's pretty bad here, too. My poor son (he's 5) has allergies so bad, so he stays doped up on Benadryl and Sudafed (for nasal congestion). your blog. I love your sense of humor.

bekka said...

oh it's always bad here, too. covers my car. and i hope you get rain soon. those poor marshlands in coastal Georgia appeared parched!