Friday, December 15, 2006

Little Ups / Little Downs...

It's just that kind of day, you know??

The Little "Up":
My panda* got her name today in her 100-day NamingCeremony.
The name selected is Mei Lan, which means "Atlanta Beauty". It wasn't my first choice of name, but it suits her well enough, I suppose. She also took her first steps yesterday...
I love my panda...

The local paper has been getting a lot of complaints lately. (Well, more so than usual.)
Seems some people think that there has been too much panda coverage lately. And I'll admit, they have had tons of pictures and articles about our young cutie - and maybe that's not the most earthshattering news.

But to all you grinches out there griping about panda coverage, all I have to say to you is this:
If there's something in the paper that doesn't interest you,
you don't have to read it.

It's not all mandatory reading, you know...
Like with all the "The Senate this" and the "The Cabinet that" and "George W. whatever" stuff they have in there all the time**...

The Little "Down":
My dryer is broken. So I will now be hauling 3 baskets full of wet duds to the Laundromat.

Instead of taking pictures and blogging about them the way that I had hoped to.

Ah well, I'll take a book and have some "quality time" whilst the laundry tumbles dry...
Ho Ho Ho!

*'cause she's mine, you know!

**I'm Kidding!!!


laeroport said...

George W. whatever....HAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHA! And EXACTLY. You have a choice in what you read. I chose to read blogs that discuss/show cute pictures of pandas. :) And are you ever gonna knit that panda? I wanna see!

bekka said...

we NEED more nice, sweet, animal-interest stories like your panda. i'm so tired of reading about how the blasting related to the building of the new sams in JC caused debris to plummet through the roof of the barnes & noble and also caused damage to 80 vehilces in the parking lot. miraculously, no people were injured!

African Kelli said...

A couple of questions:
1. How the heck did they translate Atlanta -- a proper name?
2. Why would people complain about panda coverage in a world of war, bipartisan bickering and obesity? WHY?? What is wrong with them?
3. Did you see if your dryer tube is just plugged with lint? That happens here every now and then and then I used my vacuum to suck that stuff out and voila -- a dryer that works again!
Here is to hoping your weekend is more up than down.

autum said...

I'm with laeroport, I'd love to see a little knitted Mei Lan.
Bah Humbug to the folks complaining about panda coverage.

So sorry about the broken dryer. If you weren't so far away I'd send Mitch over, he's fixed mine several times.

beki said...

Dryer troubles, what a pain! Ours broke a few months ago, and our new one ain't so hot.
So when are we gonna see a little knitted panda?

Rohanknitter said...

How could anyone complain about too much panda in the paper? Geez, can't they stand to read about something upbeat??
Hope the drying prob is solved- what a pain!!