Wednesday, November 01, 2006

Sweet Cracker Sandwich! It Can't Be *November* Already! (Can It?)

Does anyone out there remember that I used to knit?

I do.

Seems like it's been a while - that pesky thing called life has been getting the way. :)

However, I've got nothing big scheduled on the horizon, and the house is as clean as it's going to get. The laundry is done and the ironing, too. (WooHoo!) And it won't kill any of us if Bubba picks up dinner from Moe's on his way home from work, since there's no food in the house that isn't candy, or leftover and mummy-shaped.

So, today I knit.

It's going to be quiet around here, until I actually get something done. I'll probably still sneek some peeks at your blogs (because I don't want to miss what's going on!), but I might just be a lurker, instead of being a comment-er.*

See you when I've got something finished!

* I frequently suspect that I am a much better blog commentator than an actual blog author.

Except for those times when I am so overwhelmed by someone's craftiness, and yet all I can come up with is "Oh! So cute!" etc.

I acknowledge that sort of comment doesn't add a whole lot to the ongoing blogging dialog - but I know how what a commitment blogging can be, and if I read/see something that I like - I want to send a message to the author. Just to let him/her know - "Hey, I really appreciate what you're doing here..."

Even if it just takes the form of "Oh! So cute...."


autum said...

So cute!

autum said...

Just kidding!!! Bummed that it's going to be quiet over at the cookie, but looking forward to seeing what comes off your needles. Enjoy the clean quiet.

capello said...

but sometimes, i'm so dumbstruck at the awesomeness that "so cute!" is all i can manage to remember from the english language.

Anonymous said...

Knit like the wind oh so cute one! Knit like the wind!

laeroport said...

Happy Knitting - and those mummy dogs! OH! Soooo cute!

African Kelli said...

"Sweet cracker sandwich..." I am stealing that expression. Love it! And I hope you are having such fun knitting.

bekka said...

soooooper cute. i feel the same way about commenting. not that i'm good at it, but that how many times does the blogger want to read "awesome," "lovely," or whatever word comes to mind. i suually scan all the adverbs and cast around in my brain for alternatives.

knitting? do you knit, too? LOL!

beki said...

I'm a sucky commenter. So often the only thing I can come up with is "so cute". Bite me.
Just kidding. I love good comments and I try to give them, but I've let my blogroll get out of hand, so I often only have time for a few short words.
Good luck with the knitting - I can't wait to see what you come up with.

manda said...

Whilst you are indeed a fantastic commentor, you are also a fantastic author! And oh so cute to boot!

(oh and minky is this super soft slinky, completely manmade fabric that is probably very uncool but just so darn touchable).