Sunday, October 29, 2006

Stupidly Happy...

There are a number of small things that are making me happy out of proportion these days. There's nothing big, nothing important - in fact, they probably all border on the trivial. However, they are making me smile, so I thought I'd pass 'em along. Maybe there's something here that'll make you smile, too...*

In no particular order:

I've just found the first two seasons of this show have been released, and are available at my BlockBuster! Not only am I enjoying them again, but Schecky thinks they are the funniest thing ever - so I am delighting in his delight. You'd think that repeated shrieks of "Not the Mama!" would get old, but they haven't yet. (Because, you know - he's the baby, gotta love him!)
The opening theme can be viewed here.

My thoughful, and wonderfully talented friend, Phil - who you all know as the Caretaker of the Digital LandPhil - sent me a surprise box of these last week. He remember that I mentioned the pink lemonade dum•dum in a post I made about a road trip to Nashville to visit MotherShip BBQ. It was just a lovely surprise that really brightened up my day. I have eaten an unGodly amount of them in the past week, but I can't help myself. They taste like friendship. And pink lemonade... (And that's a pretty darn irresistible combination!)

I have an icky habit (I probably have several, but this is the only one I'm talking about today...) I chew on my lower lip whenever I am thinking. Or bored. Or nervous. Or stressed. Or just not paying attention. Or... OK, you get the point - I do it all the time. Therefore, the second the weather gets the least little bit cold, I am one poor chapped-lip girl. I've already confessed that I am a year round lip balm junkie but this stuff is my latest love. It's sugary, and pepperminty, and best of all, it hides the evidence of my chapped lips. Yay! It's a little bit pricey for a thrifty girl like me, but it is worth every penny...

I admit, I try not to be too political here - there are a number of people out there who express political views far more eloquently than I could ever hope to. Plus, I was brought up that there are certain topics that you don't bring up when you don't know the makeup of your audience: money, religion, politics, womens' reproductive rights, etc. among them. (But just because I don't talk of them, I do have very strong opinions about all of the above... but now I'm digressing.)

Anyhow, I saw this bumper sticker the other morning while I was driving Schecky to school, and I could not stop laughing. Of course, the Scheckster wanted to know what was so funny, so I pointed it out to him, and he burst out in hysterical gales of laughter too.
A minute or so later, once we'd both settled down, and there was silence again, his small voice pipes up from the back seat - "Who's Dick Cheney?" Which, of course set me off again. Then when I calmed down enough to explain that Dick Cheney was the Vice President, that got him started off again.

It was a very giggly ride to school, which was a treat. Usually the car ride to school is pretty quiet, as neither of us are big morning talkers.

And as long as we are on the topic of kittens, that brings me to the final thing that has been making me smile lately: my idiot daughter, Thing One, sister of Thing Two.
She is as sweet as he is cantankerous, but bless-her-heart, she is as dumb as a box of rocks. (I love being Southern, you're allowed to say anything mean, as long as you soften the blow with a "bless-her-heart"...)

Schecky had been playing with a small Styrofoam pellet, the kind that you might find inside a bean bag chair. He didn't know where it came from, but he wanted to save it, so he set it carefully on the table for safekeeping. Thing One hopped up on the table, and sniffed at it to see what it was. And promptly got it stuck to the end of her nose. And then freaked out and froze because she didn't know what to do about it. Being the great mother that I am, I giggled at her confusion first - then I went and got the camera. Finally, I helped her out and de-pelleted her.
This is my new screen saver...

Thing One

*And if there's not, please tell me what it making you stupidly happy these days...


Anonymous said...

Dinosaurs! I had completely forgotten about that show! We used to watch it all the time.

Things making me happy today: 1) all of us outside this morning -- Tim and I doing not-too-strenuous yardwork and the kids riding their bikes, 2) free steaks (filets!) for dinner, courtesy of my employer, whose freezer went belly-up and she had to go out of town, and 3) of course, the extra hour all day long! We weren't late for anything!

autum said...

We used to love dinasaurs. As soon as I saw that picture the first thing that popped in my mind was "not the mama." We still occasionally find a use for that quote around here.
Love the bumper sticker. I can just hear George W saying, "Eating kittens, it's hard work!"
Thing One is precious!!
Glad so much is making you stupidly happy. This post made me pretty happy this morning.

beki said...

Ha! Those made me smile. Just recently I made some reference to Dinosuars, then realized that Lily had no idea what I was talking about. She'd probably get a kick out of it if she were to see an episode.
That picture of your cat is priceless!

laeroport said...

It really is the little things, isn't it? Yea! And I especially love the bumper sticker - and Schecky's "Who's Dick Cheney?" AFTER he'd already had a fit of laughter.

African Kelli said...

Not the mama. I so remember that show! Great post. I wish I didn't know who Dick Cheney was, for that matter.

Things making me stupidly happy:
~cooling weather
~lots of time as of late to sew
~baking with lots of pumpkin
~knowing my entire family will be together soon for the holidays
~being happy by myself

capello said...

i can remember my step-monster's mother (they were from tennessee), who we all called "teddy bear" (but, of course, the bear was pronounced with a big southern sigh at the end), would talk about people and say "she's such a hussy, bless her heart, i think she has the clap"

bekka said...

tour thing one looks very put out about the pellet. and the lip exfoliant looks dreamy. oh the happy thing to day is that i didn't have to wear a coat, the sun shines, the leaves turn, but are mostly yellow now.

jen said...

the only ironic stament that could top that bumper sticker would be dick cheny shoot kittens. but that is meen sounding. but it's still great.

Merle said...

I don't have tv nor kitten but it makes me soooooo happy to cruise blogs and find smart funny strong women who write so well! (and I'm fron the South!) + on the "stupidly happy" list = all the wild and crazy chrysanthemum shapes, all my sewing machines, pretending to chase the magpies from the garden, new magazines, old books...)