Friday, September 08, 2006

WIP Friday...

Well - originally, I had intended for this to be yet another boring post about working on the bathroom. And I even got so far as to start it, and I realized that I am so over it right now that I can't even/don't want to talk about it. The short version is that it's not finished.* I'll update sometime next week when I'm excited about it again...

There has not been much else done around here this week - very little reading, very little knitting, and absolutely no cooking.
We've been living on cold cereal and Lean Cuisines. Maybe it's not the painting that is making me cranky as all hell, maybe it's the food!

Despite the time-sucking vacuum that is the all-consuming painting project, I do have a few things on needles...

I am working on some dishrags for my mom's birthday next week - brown and beige. Not the most exciting sounding color combination, I know - but it will match her newly renovated kitchen, and I think it's kind of quietly sophisticated?

I also am working on a Scribble Scarf - from the Mason-Dixon Knitting book.

I'm using the gorgeous "George Bailey" Cinema yarn that I got from the lovely and generous Bekka.
It is amazing that I still think that ribbon-yarn is gorgeous - because it is a big old pain to work with. It keeps getting twisted up in these crazy spirals and twists. With this pattern, I am not sure that it matters or not if the ribbon is twisty - however my ObsessiveCompulsive personality, coupled with my fear that to look right the "scribbles" need to be loose have kept me frantic. No exaggeration - for every hour I've spent knitting on this, I've spent a half an hour untwisting/untangling the ribbon.
I'm not sure if you can tell from the picture or not - but I've actually spooled it around a cone and, using a high-tech system of rubber bands and binder clips, I only release a yard or so of ribbon at a time. It's a pain, but at least I'm not untangling...

Something that is inspiring me to start more knitting projects came in the mail today: these adorable BlueBird stitch markers from GoodToBeGirl. Aren't they the cutest? I am now itching to make something that will require me to use them. Seems like I owe 3 people some little bears - I'll have to get back to those!
These stitch markers were purchased with the idea that I'd give them to my mom as part of her birthday present, but I'm rethinking that position. Look at them! I'm smitten, and I don't think I can part with them. She won't miss what she didn't even know she was getting - will she???

*And it's not getting finished this weekend - I am taking a break from all things painting. Bubba and I are taking a belated anniversary trip here this weekend.
In an odd twist of fate, Schecky will be attending the anniversary weekend too. He is so excited to be included, and keeps asking about "our big anniversary trip". It ought to be nice, in a family-friendly kind of way, although not the nice romantic weekend we had originally planned upon.


autum said...

Enjoy your weekend! I'd keep the birdies too, and I don't even knit.

MéLisa said...

Auh that place looks so neat! I live it when you hear that some rich man way back when built this massive estate for his beloved! Take lots of pictures & enjoy your anniversary family friendly weekend! He if you want you can send Schecky up here. I need help cleaning out the chicken’s coop. He’s good with a pitchfork right?

I think that those little birdies are just about the cutes things I have ever seen! I am thinking that they would make the most adorable bracelet. What are the made out of? I might have to see about getting some & I agree your mom will never miss them! Shhhhhh.

capello said...

I'm jealous of your fancy-pants anniversary trip! Have fun.

(And get your son his *own room ::cough cough:: if your know what I mean.)

beki said...

Have a fun weekend! I don't have a clue about knitting - it blows my mind. Those birdies are super cute ;-)

beccamonster said...

I just finished the scribble lace scarf I was working on (well, except for weaving in the ends). It's neat to see how different the effect can be based on yarn choice and needle size.

I think with the ribbon yarn that twisting would look fine in that pattern - but I'm with you - whenever I work with it I always find myself untwisting it every other row.

Keep the bluebirds! It's always good to have supplies/tools that inspire you to work on projects. Plus, you can always get your mom a different set.