Thursday, September 07, 2006

We Had a Panda!

Another quick hit here -

We had a panda!!!!

And by that, I obviously don't mean that I personally had a panda - LunLun at Zoo Atlanta had a cub yesterday afternoon!

I am strangely excited by this.
Earlier in the year, there was a series of "is she/isn't she" pregnancy articles in the newspaper- and then they just kind of tapered off. And I guess that I just kind of forgot about it. But when I brought in the paper this morning, there it was - front page news*.

Bless her heart - 36 hours worth of labor? There may be more to this story, as it turns out that pandas have twins about half the time - so if we get another cub, I'll let you know...
Or maybe you can see for yourself on the PandaCam!

*Which was a nice change from our recent front page headlines, which lately have consisted of:
* how bad our schools are
*how fat our population is
*some sort of horrible/tragic/bizarre death/hostage situation/drug deal gone awry
*or - last but certainly not least - one of our state's fine politicians just generally embarrassing him/herself and the rest of the state as well.
(and yes, Cynthia, I do mean you. Although, unfortunately, you are not alone in acting as an embarrassment...)


capello said...

Did you hear the headline that the ENTIRE US population is going to be overweight by 2030.

Really? The ENTIRE population? Isn't that a wee bit over stating?

MéLisa said...

Well I would say so! I don’t see all those Paris Hilton/Hollywood types slapping on the pounds between now & then.

I saw the panda news this morning but I didn’t realize it was at your zoo! Yeah!

By the way, it’s not just your public officials that manage to act like a bunch of ….well you know what’s. That seems to be national epidemic.