Monday, August 28, 2006

Is it kosher to have a Gratitude Monday???

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a larger version with notes!
Or maybe Appreciative Monday would be more apt. Either way, I am both grateful for and appreciative of the lovely, lovely package that I received in the mail not 30 minutes ago from Bekka.

She had some yarn from her stash that she was looking to winnow out, and I had expressed an interest in the Cinema yarn* - which she graciously offered to send me. So, when the postman hand-delivered** a nice big package to me, my first thought was "Wow, she packed that well!" But once I got in the house and began opening it - my jaw just hit the floor!

All the wonderful goodies!

In addition to the yarn (which is gorgeous, and I think I am going to blow everything else off today so I can start playing with it!) she included:
  • Wonderful monogrammed note cards - which I have no idea how she knew this, but I had a desperate need! I used the last of the stationary that I liked last month writing birthday "thank yous" and had yet to get new ones.

  • Cute little soaps that smell so, so good!

  • LIP GLOSS! Yay! I am such a lip gloss whore...

  • and last, but certainly not least, the most gorgeous headbands that she made. You can see the guitar print one in the foreground. And - get this - they are reversible! This one reverses to the cutest cowgirl print. You can't see the other in the picture because I immediately put it on, and I love it and I'm not taking it off because it matches my red shirt. I feel terribly cute in it, too - it has completely solved my bad hair day!

Thank you, thank you, thank you Bekka - I could not have imagined a more generous and thoughtful surprise!!!

It's really hard to take a
picture of your own head...

* In the color "George Bailey", don't you love it?

**This was kind of funny, because he usually doesn't do this. But he did today. And my next door neighbor was outside and saw him ring the bell and wait for me to come to the door. So, my NDN says to the postman "No fair! You've never once hand delivered something to me!" and my sweet, sweet postman said "That's cause she's a lot prettier than you." (My NDN is a man - and he's a good looking one, too, so this didn't hurt his feelings)
What a sweetie! It's enough to make me want to forgive him for giving me a spider phobia... (He once told me that I should never stick my hand down into the mailbox without wearing gloves or some other protection because he'd hate to see me get bit by a spider. Of course, I don't put on gloves to get the mail - but I hold my breath a little everytime I get the mail.)
It was particularly sweet, because I've been at decluttering again and I am way hot and grubby and covered with dust. By no stretch of the imagination does "pretty" apply today!


MéLisa said...

Very nice! I love those headbands! Good just taking a picture of your own head by the way, very talented! Yeah for you getting a little Monday surprise box!

MéLisa said...

Oh shot I forgot to tell you I almost spit water all over my desk when I read this!!! "I am such a lip gloss whore..." WHahahahaha! Lip Gloss Whore!!! Too funny!

autum said...

I think Gratitude Monday is very appropriate. You have a man hand deliver a package full of goodies and tell you you're pretty too. Sounds like a pretty good Monday to me.

capello said...

Wow, what lovely pretties! Love the hairband in your hair.

And what wouldn't be kosher about Gratitude Monday? Did you prepare the gratitude meat next to the Monday dairy?