Friday, July 07, 2006

Work In Progress... Yeah, Right!

I started to photograph the only real "Work In Progress" that I have going on today. But after some reflection, I decided I really didn't want to take a picture of the 18 piles of laundry that I have sorted out on the bedroom and hallway floors.
The 18 piles that I have to keep remaking because Schecky has a friend over, and the two of them keeping running through the piles and strewing them all over creation.*

I also didn't want to put up a picture of my literal dirty laundry, because it looks like I've got a whole new crop of visitors, all headed this way thanks to sweet Autum at Creative Little Daisy. I think you should get a chance to know me a bit better before you are subjected to my grungy unmentionables...
If you wandered over here from Autum's site - welcome! And come back, please. I like to think that I am more interesting than this. On occasion...

The reason for the surge in laundry activity is because Schecky and I are getting ready to escape to East Tennessee for the next 10 - 12 days or so. Bubba will be staying home and holding down the fort here.
While in Tennessee, Schecky will be attending a sweet little day camp here, and then we will stay on for a few more days to celebrate FunFest.

FunFest is held annually in my former hometown for 10 days in the absolute hottest part of the summer. I always took it for granted as a child, and never thought much about it. But since having Schecky, it has made me come to appreciate the spirit behind small-town festivals. He and I have gone for the past 6 years.

It'll probably be kind of slow here at the Fortune Cookie whilst we're gone - we're staying with my parents: they do have internet access, but only just barely!

Photo by Creative Little Daisy.

I hate to leave without a picture, so I am going to cheat a little bit and link to a photo of my most recently completed WIP - which I foolishly forgot to take a picture of myself before packing her up.
Although I am secretly glad, as Autum is a much better photo stylist than I will ever be, and it is such a treat to see one of the little bears in a pretty setting!

This little lady has gone to live with Autum, who has named her "Ami" and is much better to her than I could ever hope to be. Not only is Ami surrounded by all sorts of lovely, crafty things, but she's even got her own perfect, tiny chocolate cake! We should all be so lucky....

Take care!

*So maybe that's my real "Work In Progress" today - not murdering two small boys...


autum said...

Enjoy your visit with family. Maybe you can knit up a covertible while your're there.

capello said...

i am sorely disappointed that the "18 piles of laundry" that was underlined was NOT LINKED somewhere, like flickr, for me to view.

and apparently having a broken foot makes it absolutely impossible to be bothered with capitialization.