Saturday, July 08, 2006

Thank God, I'm a Country Grrrl...

...because today I want to talk about cowboy boots. And beer.
Honestly, could I be more of a Hillbilly than that???

First, the boots...

Cutest Boots EVER!

OK, I must ask you, could these be any cuter???

I fell in love with these the very first time I saw them (at Zappos.) However, I am the thriftiest girl in the world, and I just couldn't justify the pricetag -- $100+ seemed a tad steep.

But they stuck in my head like a big shiny diamond, so I've been prowling eBay for months, hoping to score. And finally I did - winning these little beauties* for less than $50! WooHoo!

I am thrilled, but I also find that I have something of a dilemma. You see, I am fashion challenged. Severely. In fact, if it weren't considered insensitive to bandy about the term, it might not be too far off the mark to say that I am retarded when it comes to fashion. Hence my dilemma: now that I've got these little lovelies, just what the heck am I supposed to wear them with????

Seriously, I welcome any and all advice... I've never owned a pair of any sort of cowboy boot before, and have no idea what I am doing.

A beer you need to try (even if you think you do not like beer)

Pomme Lambic

Let me start off by saying that I do like beer.
And whereas I can usually find a wine that I can drink on the occasions where drinking wine is the thing to do, if given a choice, I will always opt for beer over wine any day.

What I want to wax poetic about today are lambics. Lambics are a style of beer which are made only in one particular region of Belgium. (Other similar beers not brewed in this region are known as "lambic style".)

What's neat about these is, unlike other beers - which are fermented through the addition of brewer's yeasts - lambics are the process of spontaneous fermentation - basically, the process is left to nature. The brewer allows wild yeasts to do the job.
Once the initial fermentation process is begun, the lambic is moved into a second cask, and allowed to ferment a second time (a process that can take a year or two, aging the beer as you would - dare I say it - a wine).

In addition to the natural fermentation process, it is often traditional to add various fruits or vegetables to season and flavor the beer (since Lambics do not use hops).

The end result has been described as mysterious, magical, romantic. Elegant, sparkling, clean, natural. I just say "Yum".

My personal favorite one of these is Lindeman's Framboise Lambic - it is truly wonderful. It's got a gorgeous berry color, and a flavor that I am simply unable to convey adequately. I have frequently served it to guests who have asked me what it is, and are shocked when I tell them. "No way," they say, "I don't even like beer!" I typically serve this in a more delicate stemmed glass than the one pictured above.

The one above is a new one to me; I found it at the Farmer's Market earlier in the week. I had never seen the Pomme (Apple) Lambic before, and had to give it a try. It was not as ethereal as the raspberry, but it was still quite good. It was like a cross between a good wheat beer and a hard cider (which I also love!) It seemed far more casual, hence the big pub glass. It made pizza and movie night seem much more of an occasion...

*Although, technically, these could not be called "little" in any true sense of the world. I've got some big old honking feet....


autum said...

Cute boots. My shoe wardrobe consists of flip-flops from the months of April through October and clogs the rest of the year, so I have no advice for you. Alyssa would wear them with shorts or a mini skirt. I bet they'd be cute with a denim skirt.
I wonder where I can find that beer in my neck of the woods?

bekka said...

lucky lucky you! cute boots. i think you should and could wear them with everything. denim shorts, skirts, etc.

capello said...

I'm loving your boots, and I typically do not like coyboy boots. They are perfectly girly and rugged! I would wear them with jeans and jean skirts. Or you could really go hog wild out and get one of them high-flautin' two-steppin' dresses.

The Caretaker said...

mmmmmm, beeeeer.
If you'd ever get your butt back up here to Seattle, we could do a beer tour. We have lots of tasty microbrews, of course. And we also have some belgian pubs where you're sure to find copious lambics! Y'all come back, now!

jennifer said...

oy! i normally HATE boots. but those...those are quite cool. i think it's because they are only like ankel length. and i like the colors. i'm seeing a lot of people wear boots with skirts here. but like ugg boots and it's 90 degrees outside (????) so i'd say with skirts they'd look a lot cuter than say ugg boots! (man i'm probably not really helping)
on the subject of beer..i asked about a shirt at a festival today..they only had XL. i said is it super-fat-man- sized? she said well you could start drinking beer now and maybe by this time tomorrow fit in it!

MeiMeiLn said...

Love the boots! I'm that kind of shopper, too--when you can't stop thinking about them, that means you have to have them. :) I've had that lambic before and it's the only beer I like.

On a side note, I know Seren already said this, but thanks for reading M&C.

Anonymous said...

I think hubby would like them with nothing else. Your fashion sense would not be an issue then, no?