Wednesday, May 10, 2006

Ack! Help, Please!

All right - can someone smarter than me* help me with any/all of the below???

  • Can anyone help me slow down time?

  • Or at least go back in time far enough back that I could convince all these crazy people who are loading up the end-of-the school year with too many activities that maybe we should space them out?
    I understand that "end of the year" picnic needs to be at the end of the year.
    I get that, OK.
    But "Lin-a-palooza" (a huge schoolwide talent show), a Roman Feast, Teacher Appreciation Week, a Field Day Parade (followed the next day by the actual Field Day), an Art Show and Picnic, a Graduation Ceremony (OK - obviously this one needs to be at the end of the year, too...), a family Fun Feast, and a Schoolwide Book Swap - all of which need a great deal of parental involvement and volunteering - did we have to cram all of these things into the last 21 days of school?

  • Can you help me keep my resolve?
    I have been asked to help run, coordinate, or at the very least volunteer for every single one of these events.
    And I am proud of myself, because I have actually said "No" to a few of the requests. Probably not as many as I should have declined, but saying no has always been very difficult for me in situations like this, so that fact that I've been able to turn any of these down is HUGE! However, I'm worried that I might waiver - some of these people keep coming at you, and coming at you. Sigh
OK - I'm pretty much on my own for these, aren't I?
How 'bout one last plea for help, and I bet someone can help with this one....


I want to have that cool side bar, that lists all the people that I like to visit, and that I think you should be visiting too - because all these people are clever and thought-provoking and talented.

So I went to, created an account, and BlogRolled you, and you, and you, and you, and you, and you, and you, and you, and you, and you, and of course, you too, Scarecrow!

And I see where I can get the code - but then what do I do with it? I know, I know - I ought to be able to figure this out. But with all the ElementarySchoolHighJinx scheduled for the next few weeks - it's gonna take me a while to muck through it.
I need some instant gratification - so anyone got some good advice?

*and right now, trust me, that's pretty much every single one of you!
My regular readers, that goes without saying, naturally - but right now, as thinly spread and over-committed as I am, I'm betting even the weird pervy people who stumble across here from bizarro Google searches could probably whoop my behind in an IQ point cage match...


Laura said...

Actually, I think there's a wizard. Hang on, let me check . . . . . . well shoot, must have been thinking of something else. Anyway, copy the code and then go into your template in blogger and paste it into your sidebar, probably just under your Previous Posts section.

The Caretaker said...

You should go back and say "NO" to more of those things. It's not too late!

bekka said...

did you get this bit figured out?