Thursday, March 23, 2006

Sewing Jackie Robinson....

Sewing Practice
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Schecky came home from school this week with a fun, albeit random-seeming assignment. He is to create a doll of a civil rights leader. The school sent home a list from which to choose, and Scheck chose Jackie Robinson.

I was actually kind of interested in this assignment, if for no other reason than I have enjoyed getting back to knitting, and creating with my hands. And whereas the boy has been very interested in what I am doing, he has not been interested in me teaching him how.
This school project seemed like a great way for us to create something together. I was a little apprehensive, since I don't sew at all, and have absolutely zilch experience in doll-making. But I decided not to sweat it - we'd just have fun with it...

Besides, it seems my worries were for nothing - we have had an absolute blast the past few afternoons: designing Jackie Robinson on paper, making a "pattern" and then making it happen. I am so proud of the Scheckster.... he is so excited about this, and is working so hard on it. The energy, enthusiasm and creativity little kids have is truly a beautiful thing in which to share.

We're not done yet, and I'll post the final project when we're through - however, I'd love it if you took a moment to look at our Flickr pictures that we have so far.

And did I mention how proud I am????

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autum said...

Those photos made my day! Your little guy is so cute! I love those dimples and the way he has his tongue stuck out while he is stitching. I catch myself making funny faces when I am cutting something out too. I really like the picture of your hands together. It says so much. Mother and son working together, his little hands next to yours. That one is a keeper.