Sunday, March 05, 2006

Introducing BabyChubbins*...

Chubbins & Henry
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Well, BabyHenry's limbed cousin is complete, and has turned out to have quite a different personality.

He's much more happy go-lucky, and somewhat more fearless.

Some technical notes -

1. No more striped sweaters. I don't love how it looked and the color changes got old fast! Particularly on his teeny, tiny arms...

2. I put Chubbins's arms on with a horizontal orientation, as opposed to vertical - which I think would look more natural. But I wanted the stripes on the sleeves to align nicely with those on his sweater, and am pleased with how that turned out...
There are a few more picture of Chubbins at Flickr.

3. Both Henry and Chubbins were made with Brown Sheep Lamb's Pride in Wild Oak, Ruby Red, and Onyx, from a pattern by Jess Hutch.

*Just between you and me, doesn't he look weird with arms and legs? I am so used to Henry, that all those limbs protruding out everywhichway are going to take some getting used to!

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lyn said...

How cute, with or without. : )