Wednesday, March 29, 2006

<<< Insert evil laughter here >>>

Guess what?

I never did do my lesson plans! Hee!

I figured I would be completely called on it, since we had a staff meeting today - at which we typically "brainstorm" and share ideas. I figured I would be completely called on it, and yet I just didn't care. Instead, I decided to try winging it. First of all, I've been teaching for many years now, so I ought to be able to pull something out of my hat; and secondly, I thought that maybe if I was quiet and didn't pipe up much no one would notice. However, when I went in for the meeting, I was met with the news that we were all to go and sit down - there was a surprise....

A surprise?

A surprise.

A lovely, lovely, lovely surprise! Instead of a regular old staff meeting, one of the parents of the children decided to throw us an inpromptu tea! It was wonderful for so many reasons:

* It was a lovely thoughtful gesture.

* the "tea" itself was a thing to behold: three kinds of tea, three different finger sammiches, scones, and cookies and tarts to numerous to recount.

* And of course, my slackerdom did not come to light, since we were forbidden from talking shop.

It looked like the only downside was that we were all required to wear hats. Big goofy hats, so as to "put us in the proper frame of mind". But I scrounged around in the big box o' hats and found......a TIARA!!!!!!
(and really, wouldn't life be better if there were more events to which you got to wear a tiara)

Never have I been so positively reinforced for completely blowing off my work. A smart and appreciative girl would take this opportunity to sit right down and complete a month's worth of beautiful, eloquent lesson plans. But not me! Spring Break starts Friday, thereby allowing me to postpone the inevitable even longer.
Instead I picked Schecky up at school and went shopping for new shoes (for him, but still fun...)

And all afternoon, the internal soundtrack in my mind has been playing "Electronic's" Getting Away With It...

<<< / end evil laughter here >>>

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