Monday, February 20, 2006

Happy President's Day

Well, here in Georgia, it is a wet and cold one. A nice day to stay inside and drink cocoa with the Scheckster. So, I think that will be the plan, since it is a school holiday.

We may venture out to the "Cub Scout Store." Scheck has been working diligently on his PineWood Derby Car for Sprouts, and there is some sort of sticker or something that he is just dying to have, so we'll go check it out. Also, the SproutShop is conveniently close to the yarn store, so we may just have to stick our heads in there, just to take a look around!

Bubba is off to Washington, DC and will return in a few days. It's strange, he was traveling for work almost non-stop last year. This year, though, he's been in town for the last 8 weeks. I've gotten used to having him around, and it will seem odd for him to be gone.

I played around with making more felt last night - I used a much a larger size needle to knit up the piece, and it felted much more nicely. It's not nearly so thick as the first batch, and is far more flexible, while still looking nice and felty.
I also felted an old black cashmere sweater - it turned out very differently than I thought! It's, ummm, really quite fluffy. It almost looks like a cartoon character after he's been run through the dryer.... Not what I was expecting at all! I had intended to make a stuffed penguin, but now I'm going to mull on this for a bit. It is incredibly soft, though!

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