Tuesday, January 31, 2006

Really fun toy (and virtually free, too!)

Chronologically, I worry that I have way too much in common with your average four-year-old. I tend to get really excited about stuff that I suspect most "real" grownups don't get too worked up about....

That having been said - I made a really fun thing today...

It's a bubble blower that blows a gajillion tiny bubbles - the result is similar to that of the Gymboree "Bubble Oodles", but without the six dollar price tag! It's hard to be this cheap, but someone has to do it....

All you need is:
  • a clean, empty yogurt container with a lid
    (ironic, since Dannon just discontinued using plastic lids, which actually is a move I support - it's estimated to eliminate over 3 million pounds of plastic annually, which probably just got thrown out...)
  • a straw
  • a hole punch
  • bubble stuff

Use the hole punch to punch one hole in the lid of the yogurt container. Punch a second hole in the side of the container itself (place it about half an inch from the top). Pour some bubble solution into the container and place the lid on. Place the straw in the hole on the lid and lower it into the bubble solution. Blow. The bubbles come streaming out of the hole on the front of the cup!

A few notes - obviously, if doing this with children, make sure that the kids understand to blow, not suck, the bubble stuff. (You can place a small pin hole in the straw to make drinking it more difficult...)

I modified this design from one I found online. The original instructions had you punch two holes in the lid - put the straw in one and leave the other empty for the bubbles to come out of. Sounded good in theory - but serious design flaw: the bubbles shoot out of the second hole and RIGHT INTO YOUR EYE!!!!!!!
The redness has almost entirely abated now, thank you...
Moving the second hole to the front of the container is a needed improvement...

Anyway - Scheck and I are headed down to the green space to blow a Brazilian bubbles and practice our game of catch.


Mr. Tomatoez said...

There's a new movement. It's time to take the country back into our own hands.

Impeach George W. Bush

Spread the word.

The Caretaker said...

Woohoo! Well, said Mr. Tomatoez.

And,.. great invention, LLA!